Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic

Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic


As we all know how we all spent the time during the pandemic. Some became great chefs, some restarted their long-lost hobby and many more things. Although, it was a tough time spending time with our loved ones just made those days much easier. Covid-19 is one of those diseases that got spread all over the world very fast.

Now, coming to the learnings. Firstly what we learnt was that cleanliness is the most important both inner and outer cleanliness, be it our hygiene, cleanliness of our surrounding also. Secondly,  caring about each other. In today’s busy life we all have forgotten to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. This pandemic just brought this wonderful change. Also, it was very difficult to pass our time as we used to not understand how well to utilize this time. It was the internet that helped us a lot to learn new things every day. For example, learning new recipes and trying them out, learning new courses, and skilling up ourselves. 

There is always good hidden in the evil that happens. We didn’t know that spending time with family will give us so much happiness. Playing cards and hopscotch was nice when there were many players. Being yourself and believing in yourself can improve your courage and confidence. Having yummy pakodas outside on the balcony and watching the rain was so thrilling. We never thought that school lessons can also be taken from home itself. 


Concluding with, Health is the most important asset of a person. If that is lost nothing can be done. No one knows what happens in the future. If you are healthy you can achieve anything in life also wealth comes automatically if you work hard sincerely. Love your life and live your life happily being healthy,  safe, and stress-free.