Golden Goa  #0

Golden Goa #0

Goa is a state in the Indian Union that is distinguished by its distinct identity, diverse culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. It is not only one of the country's most popular destinations, but it also has a special place on the global tourist map!


Goa is the smallest state in our most beloved country in terms of land area. But don't judge it by its expanse! It comes with a host of surprises. Though you may be familiar with Goa's beaches, there is much more to discover. Be it Fort Aguada or Cabo-de-Rama, the white sands of Colva or the rugged coastline of Anjuna, the "Viva Carnival" or the "Shigmostsav", Goa has plenty of flavors, colors, and celebrations to relish! Its social, cultural and biotic multiplicity and heritage, like its blue seas, have a lot of profundity that one can dive into and explore beneath.


Though Goa is now well-known for its "susegad" nature and party atmosphere, it was not always this way. It has gone through several historical phases, from being a neglected part of the empire to becoming a major harbour, from being a war-torn land to its golden age! It has observed the separation of its Konkani people, as well as the fusion of Portuguese and Indian cultures! It witnessed the triumph of the Kadamba kingdom as well as the atrocities of the colonizing powers. The multi-cultural Goem of today, is the result of its illustrious past.


So, what entices people to stop by this wondrous land? What is the reason for its one-of-a-kindness? Why does it have a different colonial history than contemporary India? What are the charming places in this party-land that are yet to be discovered?


If you're looking for answers to any of these questions, get ready for an exciting series in which you'll learn a lot about Goa! Let us decipher the essence of this small but wonderful land! Keep an eye out for this fantastic blog series. Happy Reading and Exploration!!