Arcesium Interview experience. (On Campus) Dec 2021

Arcesium Interview experience. (On Campus) Dec 2021

Arcesium came to our college for Summer Intern 2022. 

Below are the details of eligibility and stipend and location of work

Internship Drive Batch-2023

COMPANY: Arcesium

ELIGIBILITY: 5th-semester students of CSE ISE ECE EEE EIE ETE

TYPE: Summer Internship


CSE and ISE - 7 CGPA and above

All other programs - 8 CGPA and above


STIPEND: ₹1,00,000 per month.

Location: Hyderabad

Even though they mentioned 7 CGPA cutoffs, they allowed only the top 150 students for Round 1 i.e. Coding round, one thing I noticed here is that they gave preference for CSE and ISE mainly.

So after registration, they shared the list of 150 people who were shortlisted for round 1. fortunately I was selected.

Round 1 (Coding Round)

It consisted of 32 questions.

They Selected 16 people for Round 2.

Round 2 (Technical Round)

My interview was scheduled with the Vice President of the Company, they used Zoom + Hackshare platform to conduct interview.

He directly gave me the question,

I was not able to pass all the test cases, my code failed in some edge cases, but he was satisfied with my explanation so I got into next round.

Our of 16 people they selected 7 people for Round 3.

Round 3 (Technical Round)

Round 3 was again a coding round, this time I got Technical lead as my Interviewer. They were sharing the name in the invite of the mail so it's always good practice to do research on LinkedIn.

Again Interviewer directly continued with the coding question.

He asked me to write complete code with an explanation, the same as the previous round.

Out of 7 People they selected 4 people for Round 4.

Round 4 (Technical Round)

Round 3 Interviewer was a senior software engineer, he asked for my introduction, then asked about my projects.

Then he gave me the coding question which was similar to this.

The modification was, he gave 1 instead of -1, then he asked me to find a minimum number of steps, not all the combinations as given in the above question. I was able to write pseudocode for the problem, then he modified the problem with you can jump at max 2 zeroes instead of 1. I explained the steps but was not able to write the exact condition. 

Then he continued with OOPS and DBMS questions, It was basic to medium level questions. In OOPS he was mainly interested in interfaces.

In the end, he asked if I have any questions regarding the role.

Out of the 4 people they selected 2, unfortunately, I was not on the selects list.



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