Fast-Food and its effects

Fast-Food and its effects

As the name tells, fast foods are food items that are quickly made, quickly served, and quickly eaten. Life today has become so fast, and the changes in the lifestyle of people have made them addicted to food items that can be readily made. People find it easy to eat such food items as they please their taste buds more than regular and ordinary food which is considered to be healthy. Even we college students love to have fast food. Find it tasty, even though we know it is unhealthy we have it. Because it tempts us once we have it.

I have read that fast food was created as a commercial strategy to accommodate the larger number of travellers, wage workers, and commuters who often did not have their meal. Since the speed of service was made the priority, fast-food gained importance. Even though there are several items that can be cooked fast, the commercial term for food items in restaurants or stores with precooked, frozen, or preheated ingredients is ‘fast food’.

Some of the processed food items like pizzas, noodles, white bread, diet soda, etc. are various fast foods. People think that who will prepare the food now, let me order something, and then go for fast food. It has become a part of life in metropolitan cities. Fast food is most of the time prepared with ingredients that are cheap such as high-fat meat and refined grains instead of nutrient ingredients such as whole grains, proteins, vegetables, and fresh fruits but not always a few shops serve fast food using good nutrients but very few.

There is nothing such as ‘bad’ food, but there are some food items that should not be consumed regularly. Fast foods have several side effects. Fast food is easy and fastly available and equally fastly you can fall ill Eating fast food has been associated with cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, colorectal cancer, insulin resistance condition, and depression. Consuming fast food in excess results in affecting the brain, which in turn results in affecting the mental health of the person.

Consumption of fast food in excess has adverse effects on the body. In today’s real-world, two out of three adults are considered obese or overweight. The fast-food industry has become a million-dollar industry serving people every day all over the globe. The consumption of fast takeaway food is slowly replacing a traditional family dinner.