Jojo Rabbit : The Hitler in You

Jojo Rabbit : The Hitler in You

Be the rabbit who hunts carrots for his family and country.


Be the rabbit who survives from it's hunters.

Jojo Rabbit is a wisely made brilliant film that puts forth the courage to be political and appeal to the worldwide audience in a comedic tone that makes everyone laugh irrespective of whom they support and the smile ends in a thought regarding the bitter truth creatively hidden by the director for the audience to search and find. Taika waititi who directed and acted in jojo rabbit makes us realise that hitler is not just a person but a voice inside us that conflicts with our good voice. Jojo's imagination burns the fear we had for the hitler through his deeds in seconds of conversation between them. Not giving away any spoilers by appreciating each scene. Organically developed screen play portrays attacks,firings and other crucial scenes in a weird but adorable manner.

The boy who played the role of jojo, Roman Griffin has acted without showing the acting. Natural reactions to situations make us relate to his conflicts and questionable concepts that he is Carrying. I laughed, thought and at the end my eyes got a bit wet. Maybe those were the tribute to humanity. Hat's off Taika waititi. 'Hail Hitler hail Hitler' to 'go to hell Hitler'



Wow! beautifully summerised.