What can be your contribution to make India a developed country?

What can be your contribution to make India a developed country?


The continuous process of becoming better, stronger, and more advanced is referred to as development. It is the key that unlocks the door to a more prosperous life for humans. What exactly does the term "developed country" mean? A developed country is a sovereign state with a high standard of living, a developed economy, and advanced technological infrastructure in comparison to other less-developed nations. 


According to the World Bank report, India is still a developing country with a lot of room to grow to its full potential and become developed. But how can this goal be attained? India has one of the youngest populations. If the maximum chunk of youth is properly channelized, our dream of a country with golden wings will come true! So, as a part of the Indian youth, I'd like to make some points about how I believe I can help make my India, my Bharat, a developed country!


Gaining Knowledge

Since ancient times, India has been known as a knowledge powerhouse, and many great minds from this land have emerged as a result of acquiring it. As a matter of fact, as a young and inexperienced mind, I would like to soak up as much knowledge as possible. You can only know what to improve in the future if you thoroughly understand and decode the past. Thus, I would like to study the rich history of this country and would like to try out as many fields as possible in order to find the best one in which to go deep and contribute significantly.


Acquiring Skills

It is not so much a lack of talent among Indian youth as it is a lack of appropriate skills to match that talent that is causing us to fall behind! Even if the daily wage worker is given the type of training that he desires, we can perform any work very efficiently. I, too, want to upskill myself in a variety of skills that are relevant to me, so that I can do my job more efficiently, resulting in better outcomes and, in turn, assisting my country's growth.



Innovation is a continuous process in which you try to improve something or create a better process from an existing system. It can provide you with a distinct advantage over a larger pool. In general, it has been observed that countries that innovate more, rapidly developed in the past. The Industrial Revolution paved the way for innovations and prosperity in Europe and then the United States. Our Chinese neighbor has benefited the most from the technological revolution. As a result, after acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, I intend to implement and innovate in order for our country to be a leader in the upcoming fields in the future!


Maintaining Health

'Health is Wealth', they say. After surviving a dreadful pandemic, almost no one will deny this!! Most governments around the world have made maintaining proper hygiene and health a top priority. Citizens' loss of well-being has a social and economic impact on the country, stifling its growth. The second COVID wave that India experienced was nothing short of a nightmare. Thus, in order to avoid such situations, I would emphasize my health and boost the country's economy.


NO to Addiction

Citizens who are engulfed in addictions can be disastrous to the progress of any developing country. Addiction is like that lone enemy who can put a curtain over your achievements and make you lame. It depletes both energy and wealth. In addition to addiction to any chemical substance, social media and smartphone addiction are catching on with today's youth and teenagers. If the Internet has the power to empower many minds and ideas, it also has the power to ruin a generation. So, I would do my best to avoid any kind of addiction and would empower my country.


Being a True Representative

A country is not defined by its natural resources or geographical boundaries. The idea of a country is defined by the people who live in it. Citizens are the faces and representatives of their home countries. Thus, on any platform, whether it is anywhere in the world while traveling or on social media, one should represent their country as best they can. As a result, in accordance with Article 51A of the Indian Constitution, I would defend India's sovereignty and integrity, wherever possible.


Finally, I'd like to point out that our country has demographics on its side, which means that even small contributions from each individual can produce outstanding results as a whole. So, if we as a future generation are able to contribute even in these small ways, I believe the day will not be far away when we will see India as one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world!


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