The strangest dream that I had.

The strangest dream that I had.

I had some strangest dreams during my board exams, that time I used to stay in Navodaya hostel, it's a residential hostel, I think I had some 3 months to prepare for my board exams.

It was a bitter night, and while I was asleep, something went wrong. By default I left everyone. It was as if someone was dragging me to him. I shout, but no one pays attention. Suddenly, I found myself in front of a large white house. The house reminded me of my home as a child in the village, although it was large and had extra rooms. I went into the house and tried to inspect it. When I first entered the house, I noticed a few interesting artifacts that would appeal to any historian. They had weapons used in World War I and in the war against the English. Later I moved to a room where I could see a stranger carrying a weapon, but I refused and returned.

Then, as I went to another room, I was overjoyed to see my father sitting on a chair, reading his newspaper. I was overjoyed when I saw him after two weeks. He inquired about my health and advised me to concentrate on my study because the boards were approaching. He then told me to go to the kitchen and get something to eat.

I met my mother when I moved to the kitchen. He gave me my lunch after asking about his health. He then warned me not to enter the room until the last minute. When I asked her why she didn't think I should leave, she replied that I should not. I nodded and continued on my way. I chose to go to that room because I felt so bad, and I realized that it was dark and uninvited. I went in, however, and turned on the light of my cell phone, only to find that it had not been cleaned for a long time.

Things were broken, and vermin had taken up residence. I then came to a crate that was full of books and covered in dust, which I cleaned off. I took out a book that included some mysterious pictures that I couldn't make sense of. I awoke as soon as I opened the last page, not knowing what had happened.



Well written. Even I had dreamt of similar things as you did