IoT is one of the emerging field in computer science - My thoughts on it.

IoT is one of the emerging field in computer science - My thoughts on it.

The Internet of Things is a system that  includes any object or “thing” that can be connected to an Internet network, from factory equipment and cars to mobile devices and smart watches to even human beings or a farm animal. Specifically, it's about connected things that are equipped with sensors, software, and other technologies that allow them to transmit and receive data to and from other things. Of course, the point of collecting data is to use it, not just to have it. The ultimate goal of IoT devices collecting and transmitting data is to analyze it and take informed action.
When we can't be there physically, IoT devices can serve as our eyes and ears. Sensors within devices capture data that we see, hear, or sense. They then provide the information as directed, and we assess it to inform and automate our subsequent actions or judgments. This process is divided into four stages:

  • Capturing the data - IoT devices gather information from their surroundings via sensors. It could be something as simple as the temperature or something as complex as a real-time video stream.

  • Sharing the data - IoT devices make this data accessible through a public or private cloud, as requested, using available network connections.

  • Processing the data - At this point, an application is built to respond towards the data, such as turning on a fan or sending an alert.

  • Acting on the data - The data gathered from all of the devices in an IoT network is examined. This is then used to carry out the necessary task at hand.


IoT is so intertwined with our lives that we see numerous applications of it on a daily basis.  Smart homes with automatic illumination systems, advanced locking systems; self driven cars, Google Home voice controller, Amazon Echo etc are some of the examples.


IoT is progressively becoming an important aspect of our life that can be sensed everywhere around us. In whole, IoT is an innovation that puts together an extensive variety of smart systems, frameworks and intelligent devices and sensors.