The strangest dream I had

The strangest dream I had

Merry Christmas all!!!! A girl in the red screamed with joy and excitement! I just wished to freeze that moment. Beautiful lighting in and around the house, a delicious piece of cake on the plate, with the snow covering the window-pane made that moment magical. While I was lost in my world, looking outside or maybe doing something, I felt a tickle under my feet. When I looked down, I could find nothing. But I felt a soft fur on my neck immediately. I knew who it was! It was my buddy, with a cute bell in the neck and white fur, Snowbell. Yes, you are right! It is the same Snowbell from Stuart Little


Well, he was the only buddy I had in the entire party, is what I told him as soon as he settled very next to me on the sofa. I thought he came to me because he had no other friends, but in reality, he enjoyed the warmth from the fireplace. I kept caressing the fluffy snowball of fur next to me. 

I was taken aback by the ringtone on my phone. It was my mom. I knew she had called. I had to leave from there. I just took the plate along and walked out of the door without telling anyone. (Do you think I was angry at someone? Keep thinking :)) 


I am just waiting for a KSRTC bus to come, and I hear my phone ringing again. But this time, I could feel the sound much closer to my ear. I kept wondering, why am I hearing it so close, when it is actually in my purse.

Any later, I opened my eyes, and I was confused. It took me a while to take in that it was a dream. I feel very strange because I have never celebrated Christmas. I have never stopped by a place where it rains snow! (Or at least KSRTC buses do not have any service at a place where it snows!). I still cannot recollect the face of the girl who was in the red. I don’t even know what I was doing at her place. I am not sure why Snowbell was a part of that. The fact I cannot recollect some more things from the dream still bothers me. 


Yet again, that’s how dreams are! Just like a photo clicked in a hurry! Very blurry!