Importance Of Self-Confidence

Importance Of Self-Confidence

Does Self-Confidence matter in one’s life?

According to me, it does and it matters the most in one’s life. I have always heard people talking about confidence, self-confidence. When I was small I could not figure out the difference between the two words. I used to wonder both sounds the same, so what might be the difference? As I grew up I came to know the difference. In my perspective, while both have to do with you, one is internal while the other is more external. Also, confidence is something that you get from anyone by hearing to motivational speech or sometimes by yourself but self-confidence is something you motivate yourself and think that you can do it, in simple words believing in yourself.

Self-confidence doesn’t mean you'll never fail, but once you fail you'll become stronger because you know that it happened for a cause and you think that you have learnt something from that failure. Self-confidence is nothing but self-love, which is the basis for loving others and loving your life. Without self-confidence, you finish up employing a fraction of your potential of being a unique “you”. With low self-confidence, self-love won't be enough to exchange your self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough. As you retain pushing yourself to undertake new things, you’ll start to understand how failure and mistakes cause growth. An acceptance that failure is a component of life will start to require root.

Nowadays we hear a lot of people killing themselves for small reasons be it for some relationship issues, fewer marks, because of some sort of pressure. But the actual issue is a lack of self-confidence. Firstly you have to love yourself and believe that if you love yourself you can achieve anything and reach great heights. When you be around people with a positive attitude you can automatically develop self-confidence. Never compare yourself with someone, which will make you feel still low. You must always believe that you are better at what you are doing and you are getting better day by day because you are the only one who knows your abilities and capabilities well.

A self-confident person would know how to say honest things without hurting others’ emotions. A self-confident man also knows the way to be heard with dignity, when there's a difference of opinion. All this will take some practice, but the most important thing is the belief that you simply are often better.