Money can’t buy love or happiness. Your views on it

Money can’t buy love or happiness. Your views on it

What is happiness? What is love? What is money? Now that’s the best way to start an article where you just question the words given in the topic and expect the reader to find meaning when you are also confused about how to start this. A quote in this section of the article about happiness by a rich entrepreneur saying that money doesn’t matter would be the best way I can lie. Happiness is relative and subjective. Those two aspects make it sound like it’s accessible to all depending on what they find as a source of happiness and what gestures or behaviors towards them they find as a token of love. Let’s explore what it really takes to get both of these things which most find as the purpose of life. 


Materialism and Money can be correlated and are things that enlightened people ask us to get rid of. Materialistic happiness which can be only achieved through money is always portrayed in a negative shade, which is understandable by the fact that making it normal might make a huge section of have nots in the society devoid of purpose to live. One simple piece of advice you get is to meditate for being happy or calm which might look like something opposite to materialism. But if you really try to meditate, you realize that your house is in a noisy city and there is nothing like a room dedicated to meditation that is soundproof. You decide to travel to some calm area outside the city. You are about to travel and realize that you need to buy a ticket which becomes materialistic ironically. 


Love can be free from money right? Let’s explore that part. It is cost-free to love someone or something, but it is costly to gesture your love. Even the simple things like telling the person you love require you to either have a 4g connection or a vehicle that eats up the bitcoin competitor Petrol. Even if the person you love is in your house, that itself is an expensive thing to look after someone even if you enjoy every part of it, it is money that catalyzes your gestures be it in minor or grand ways.


Love can bring happiness to your life and a happy person can love others wholeheartedly. This was not a cynical view on money and happiness or love. It is high time we acknowledge the privilege it takes to be happy and be loved in an era of unemployment, calamities, pandemic, and social media. It is totally fine to acknowledge that you are able to be happy by seeing all those feel-good movies at 1080p on Netflix because you can afford it. It is okay if you are able to meditate with noise cancellation headphones and it is totally fine if you love your dog that eats food that costs more than India's average per capita income a year. It is important that you don’t force or influence others to have these as their way of accessing love or happiness, neither should you disgrace someone else’s way of enjoying life. Let us at least be more kind and accepting as that is a free thing I believe.