Inspirational quotes and your ideas on them

Inspirational quotes and your ideas on them

Inspiration Quotes are like the spark that helps you fire your spirits. Be it for gearing up your academics or trying to pursue one's passion. Or maybe try your hand on something new. We need motivation or something that inspires us to take it up. 

 Inspirational quotes ignite us momentarily and help us get a kick start. Here are some inspirational quotes that help me keep going(rocking)!


The same boiling water that softens a potato hardens an egg.


 It is just ten percent about what happens to us, and ninety percent is about how we react to it! I know it is hard to work under pressure. Pressure can make us or break us. There are multiple solutions for a single problem. Be a potato that softens and accepts the flavors of life. Or you could be an egg that hardens and shield itself.

Each individual is unique. Each individual is capable. We all can create magic. Be it the finger-licking PavBhaji from the accepting potato. Be the protein-rich egg that makes you stronger.


Every champion was once a contender who didn't give up!

You never lose. Either you win or learn. We usually give up when we compare ourselves with others and give up. But we forget that the person who has achieved went the extra mile. And didn't give up!


Nevertheless, Inspirational quotes are just transient triggers. It is you. It is one's hard work, perseverance, and consistency that pays off. We usually check out inspirational quotes often and feel quite motivated.

But the question is, How long does it last??

It lasts for an hour or a day, a week, or maybe not even a minute sometimes. 

Therefore it is not just the quote that helps. It is a tool for your consciousness. It does ignite a fire in you. But you are the one who should keep the fire or burn out to reach the heights of success.