Meditation: the way to get in touch with reality

Meditation: the way to get in touch with reality

Living in a country that invented Yoga and being part of a culture that gives importance to meditation I am super proud. But today I will try my best to address the question “ Is Meditation the way to get in touch with reality?”. I know that a topic like this is usually presented in a way promoting the same. I will try to speak from different angles to approach this.

Let’s address the basic question, Is meditation good?. The answer is also simple, anything that doesn’t hurt you makes you powerful. Meditation helps you focus more as it is all about concentrating along with controlling your breath. Breath control in meditation is the biggest skill and it will help you to maintain good health and a great nasal system. Meditation is highly beneficial for people with respiratory issues. Now coming to the spiritual part, Yes, meditation helps a person to think beyond limits, focus and communicate with spirituality. We all know that Sadhus  meditate for months and years even now, we all have heard stories of them doing “Tapa” for years together and pleasing their God for achieving something they want. The thing to be noted here is that pleasing God is a metaphor for discovering yourself and this is just my interpretation and I love to understand and correlate Puranas,  with modern scenarios and realities. We all know that meditating won't give us what we want materialistically. Then why ?. The answer is that meditation is not the path to the goal and it is the energy drink which you will use in the path for reaching the goal.

Now let’s talk about real-life uses of Meditation. We all know that our lives are not simple, but it is something that we can make enjoyable if we are on good terms with the people around us. We come across situations where the opposite person shouts at us or is not behaving well. Here we should learn to be obedient and handle the situation calmly as much as possible.

Coming to the point where people take things to the next level. Meditation is only a lubricant in making you achieve peace. We have seen in some movies where a person is trying to meditate the wife and children are screaming and he gets angry in between. So just doing anilom vilom won't make you rich or successful unless you start selling products while doing it. We should try to help others as much as  one can so that their peaceful existence can help our environment to be positive.

On a higher level, I would suggest that doing what you like with a great focus and concentration is also meditation. Thank you all for listening to me and a small pro tip: after inhaling make sure you exhale.





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Wow! Amazing content. Beautifully explained the essence of meditation.