The world through the eyes of a child.

The world through the eyes of a child.

“See the world as if for the first time; see it through the eyes of a child, and you will suddenly find that you are free.”- Deepak Chopra

 As rightly said by Deepak Chopra, a child is not worried about its future, it just lives in its present free from all the shackles of this world. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t feel that we should be carefree because the fear of the future is what pushes us to do better and without it, I feel there would be no civilization because if not for the fear of survival we wouldn’t have the motivation to do invent and discover all that we have done and we would probably go extinct if we just lived carefree like a child.


But a child is very curious and this curiosity drives it to learn about the how’s and why’s but as we grow the primary reason changes to materialistic things like money, fame and this keeps us away from our true potential as we look for things like scope, pay and other things rather than our interest, strengths etc, With all the curiosity If we explore like a child then each of us will do something because we want to do it and not because it might give us something in return, thus we’ll all be happy with our work and enjoy it.


The world through the eyes of the child is so beautiful and filled with joy because it sees no agenda in people’s actions, Naturally, a child trusts everyone because right from birth it is completely dependent on parents and whatever it receives is from its parents. As we grow up we see that some people misuse us and slowly we stop trusting people and everything becomes a form of profit and loss statement, we start looking at relationships in a completely different way where the gains that we can get from the relationship becomes the point of view, This is also why we can see so many old age homes, where children have abandoned their parents because they feel they can’t get anything more from their parents and break off all ties with them, we forget that we are here because of them, we forget all their sacrifices and all their selfless deeds. Therefore like a child, we should try to look at relationships as symbols of our affection and not as business transactions where profit-loss statements are calculated.

Therefore we should try to maintain a balance of both perspectives, take the positives from each of them, implement and eventually become better human beings!!