Deepavali celebration at my home

Deepavali celebration at my home

Diwali is a religious festival of lights all over India, and for me, it's a chance to spend time with family. As I was a hostelite from 6th standard, I used to miss myhome a lot. Diwali was a golden opportunity for me to get sick leave and enjoy myself at home. 


After coming home, the common dialogue that I used to hear from my mother was to clean the house. I was lazy and as a result, I used to skip most of my work. The only work I’d agree to do was to clean my bicycle.  After cleaning the house, next comes the turn of decorating. This was my favorite part of Diwli when I was small. As I loved colors, I used to pester my father to buy colorful lanterns or gudu deepa. After buying them, I would be ecstatic and hang it in our home. 


I was never fond of crackers at all. While my friends loved to burst them, I didn’t like them much. So, diwali at our home didn’t involve any crackers. Instead, it was filled with love, light and warmth. We would hang small garlands of light throughout our home and looking at it would just make me so happy. 


We had a shop, and so, the next step was to do ‘Angadi Pooja’. We would decorate the shop and after the pooja, I would sit in the shop and distribute sweets to all the customers who would drop by. It felt nice to watch their faces light up, just like diyas. At home, my sister and I would then light lamps in every room  and have fun while doing it. We would tease each other and laugh a lot. If I had stayed in my hostel during these times, I would have missed so much family bonding. I’m so grateful for Diwali, because it made me connect on a deeper level with my family.