No Men are monsters, the ones that are, are not men…

No Men are monsters, the ones that are, are not men…

I had no idea men can be such monsters. How can someone rape someone in the first place? And these monsters not only gang-raped her, but to add to it, they killed her and then raped her again. But they didn’t stop there. Then they burnt her body and left her to rot. Yes! I am talking about the Dr. Priyanka Reddy rape case of Hyderabad that happened on 29th November 2019, and yet, things aren’t any different even a year later…

It is unimaginable how the people similar to us have such monstrous thoughs about another human being, that too about a woman, the woman whom we worship as a goddess in the country, who gave birth to us, who raised us with her love. The mere thought of touching her inappropriately, feels so wrong that even the devil inside us tells us to refrain. But to think that people can get to an extent where they not only touch, but exploit her for mere sexual needs is mind shuddering. And after murdering her mentally, they decided to do it physically as well. The mere thought of things that might be going through her mind as she realised that she will be burnt alive after she was raped gives goosebumps enough to make any sane person not just angry, but speechless in shock of the height of monstrosity that the thought of a person can attain.

This is not it. Instead of dealing with the issue as a whole, politicians start politicising it, using it for their benefit by photowalks of themselves giving out money and assurance to the family of the deceased, then come the protesters and candle light marchers who for some weird reason think that walking in silence with a 100 people holding 200 candles with a photo of the victim does something to prevent rape. Then there are YouTubers who capitalize on this issue to get views and earn money. Note, no YouTuber demonetises videos on such topics. It’s a mere way of getting attention alongside money.

So what? Are we too going to rant just like the other millions on the net? No! Here are some ways YOU can do to help make a change:
For MEN:
1) Learn to respect Women in general not just your mother or girlfriend or sister or wife. Every woman is special for someone else learn to respect her and her thoughts.
2) If you see someone is misbehaving with a woman, instead of filming it or being a mere speactator, take action, if necessary hit them and hit them hard And then report the person to the police.
3) If you see a woman alone on a road waiting for a public transport late at night, offer a lift. She might be suspicious but insist on her coming after she has sent  pictures of the car and yourself to her family. If you say all men are not the same, show it.

1)  Be aware of where you are and the people around you. If you feel you are being followed or stalked, don’t hesitate to tell him to stop or ask for help. Nobody is going to judge you.
2) Even if any man manages to overpower you or touch you inappropriately, dont hesitate to strike. The private part is the best place. It will paralyze your attacker and give you time to escape and to yell for help.
3) DONT judge all men. Some people will genuinely show concern amd want you safe. If you insult them sharply judging them,  they will lose trust in all women altogether and will not help anyone Ever. Even if they see her in trouble. Remember, No men are monsters, the ones that are, are not men.

Lastly rape is a gore offence. Not just to the victim but to the society as a whole and against humanity. This, in no circumstance can be called a “mistakes” , or “heat of the moment” or anything of that sort. There is only one punishment if proven guilty; Death, and not an easy one. Rigorous, torturous and a slow death that is an example to the generations to come.



Well written; great clarity of thoughts.