Things You Do To Stay Organized

Things You Do To Stay Organized



Why should one stay organized!


Running a 100-meter race is a lot easier when compared with running a marathon. You need to keep yourself motivated throughout and organize your thought well to complete them. Similarly, remaining organized for a shorter span will not yield much. Whereas being organized for a longer duration will result in unexpected success. You will feel relaxed, calm and a sense of satisfaction will strike you at the end of the day.


Organized people are not born organized, they had to cultivate healthy habits, which then helped them to stay organized. So even if you think you are a very disorganized person, you can learn to be organized. From planning things, jotting things down, to ditching the unnecessary and organizing things that matter, you will become an organized person as long as you’re willing to learn and practice.


Below are simple rules which you can consistently apply to stay organized in your life and calm your days and order your weeks.


Develop habits and build a routine


Every one of us has a different kind of habits developed, so far over years and routines which we follow on daily basis. Check if, this habit which you have incorporated either consciously or subconsciously aligns well with the personality you wish to be. Good habits are those which help us achieve our long-term goal and makes us happy. Bad habits instead eat up our time, money, health, and happiness. When you have good habits and can string them together into a strong routine, you can rely less on fleeting motivation and leave minimal room for procrastination and distraction.


Plan ahead


Life is pretty uncertain I know. But planning a little will give you an idea to achieve your goals. Companies who plan, who decide about their future goals in present, tend to not only outperform other companies but outperform their previous performance. Similarly, start with planning on how you want your day to be, then plan for weeks, for months and, this way you will get an overview to reach your goal.


Consistency over perfection


If you push yourself too hard in the initial days to achieve perfection in all the tasks you will lose interest over the period. Instead, set small steps towards your goal and stay consistent to complete those small goals on daily basis. By following this trick, you will not feel burnout and would be successful for a longer duration and ultimately achieve what you wish for. 



Find balance


In our attempt to do it all and organize our lives perfectly, balance is often ignored. Instead of enjoying your weekends with friends, you prepare for your upcoming exams or so. This will work fine for short-term goals but for long-term goals, it will stress you out and make you lethargic too. Taking breaks when you feel stressed is equally important. So, that you charge yourself and focus back on your goals.


Prioritize appropriately


Life keeps throwing random balls at you, so you don’t catch all the balls. It’s ok to drop some. Prioritizing your plans according to their deadlines becomes important. If you have a presentation to make in a week and a record to submit tomorrow then you finish writing your record first. Proper prioritizing of tasks will help you stay calm and it will make you pressure-free.


Declutter and Simplify


Simple is always best. More stuff leads to chaos and uncertainty. Keep only those things under your eyesight which will enable you to reach your goals. All belongings which you use daily should be easily reachable. This will make things easy and achievable for you and would increase your productivity.


Measure your progress


Keeping track of your activity is equally important and plays as a feedback loop for measuring your progress concerning your goals. If the outcomes of your activity are helping you reach your goals then you can assign more time to it. And if any activity is not helping, then you can cut it short or discard it completely.


Now that you know strategies to stay organized you can apply them and add value to your personality on daily basis. Remember, giving yourself space amongst all the plans is equally essential for maintaining consistent results. So, once you feel that you have organized yourself well don’t just stick around and follow it the same. Rather experiment with certain stuff, on how you can improve and make it easy. If feeling that things are not working out then think about how you can make it work.