The art of Blogging

The art of Blogging

Blogs are basically journals or an informational source on the web which a user can utilize. The categories which blogs have is seamless. Educational, Fiction, Science, sports, and whatnot. The reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. Anyone can Blog. Yes, anyone with any skill can start a blog of their own very easily. It's that simple. With mere words, you can start blogging and make the best out of it.  You don't have to know a specific language to blog because this world is diverse. All you need is the art of conveying things.

You now might be wondering why should you actually blog. There are plenty of reasons why one should start blogging. Let me list down a few here.

1. Blogging is easy: Yes. I have mentioned this earlier and I'm mentioning it again. When you are blogging, you are doing nothing but letting the thoughts flow on an editor. It's as simple as that. There are no limitations to your thoughts. Whatever you pitch in are your thoughts and perspective and you are just letting the world know what it is. If you can write an email, then you can definitely blog.

2. Blogging is a challenge: Wait! Didn't I just say it's easy? Then why is it a challenge? Snapping your fingers is easy, isn't it? But you as an individual wouldn't have done it on the very first go. At times, even now with so much experience one cant snap like a pro on every attempt. So is blogging. It's a challenge to sit down and write constantly. I have been blogging now for over a year and a half and I sometimes find it difficult to be consistent. When you come across such hurdles, embrace it. That is how you excel at something.

3. Make a change: Blogging gives you a voice. A voice that is stronger than any other means of communication. When you speak, the listener is only using one of his senses; listening. A reader on the other hand is not only reading but mentally, he's speaking and listening to himself about whatever you have written. This has a huge impact on the reader. Your voice, your thoughts are getting right inside the reader's mind. As a writer, you are making a change in his life by giving him information which he else might have not come across. Hence, it gives you a divine power of conveying your thoughts.

4. Be an expert: Blogging allows you to think more. This will definitely make you hungry to gain more information about the subject you are writing about. This opens you to other experts in the field from where you get to take a lot of things. You sometimes also get to lead a new career opportunity out of this odyssey.

5. Improve your Communications skills: In my one and a half year journey of blogging, I have improved my communication skills in a highly beneficial way. I still do mistakes but it is not as significant as before. This is because whenever you start blogging, you try to avoid grammatical errors. You try to avoid repetitive words and start replacing them with an alternative and this builds your vocabulary. It's only when you write that you actually know how strong your hold is on a language. With constant blogging, your communication skills shoot up to the sky. 

These are just some reasons. If one starts thinking then there can be more than a hundred more reasons why one should blog. After having read so far, if you feel like writing a post, hover over the account tab, create a post and start writing. 

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Nice article, Keep writing and inspiring!


Nice Article. This would encourage many to write more blogs.


Thought provoking article! Keep writing; keep inspiring.