Hallo aus Deutschland (Hello from Germany)

Hallo aus Deutschland (Hello from Germany)


Guten Tag! Ich heiße Samyuktha. xP

OK… Switching to English..

A year ago, I was all set to give my IELTS, after which I wrote more than 2 SoPs and 6 LoRs to finalize one refined SoP and 2 LoRs (and more docs - of course) required to submit my Masters’ Application at a University. I applied the very first day my application dates opened. My curious mind was excited about the results. On June 2nd, ​​my Master’s application results at the Stuttgart University of Technology for MS in Software Technology were out. I screamed at the top of my voice, for I secured a place in the only 13 to be selected for the course. Having the constant support of the WKC Alumni - helped me stay consistent, focused, and determined. 


One of the most vivid moments of my life was when I aspired to inspire - a huge Window-like-door; from where I visualized a whole new life in a distant land, full of new faces, garden-fresh atmosphere, blue river, bright skies and whatnot. Had it not been that Window, my consistency to grab something wouldn’t have been this strong. From the very beginning, right from preparing me for my IELTS to booking my flight ticket, if there was one person with me constantly and consistently, it was Karan - who has been like a blessing. He is the best brother, friend, colleague, curator, and partner in ‘crime’ who built those aspirations in me, which have inspired me a lot. As each day passed by, those aspirations became stronger and stronger. Today, it has made me consider ‘aspire to inspire’ as my life motto. 



Three more people with big hearts - Guru mam, Giri mam and Sahana Akka - have left no stone unturned to be supporting me right from the beginning when I said “I wanna do my Masters”. They connected me with multiple WKC Alums for any time I wanted help, supported me from A-Z, kept me motivated throughout and showered their love all the time. I have a colossal amount of faith in myself and my abilities because of your continuous encouragement. Blessed to have you three. (I miss going out for lunch with you)



It is with extreme joy I say, my Masters is funded with the savings and scholarships I’ve received. This has been possible not just by whatever I mentioned up here but also by you Sushikshians - both mentees and mentors (especially Dinesh, Royal, Venky, Gopika, Navami, Pragathi and others with whom I have interacted; in turn having something to take away from). Sushiksha and WKC have been great pillars of support and strength. I have a huge list of people to thank, which can go on forever.


Ok, coming back to my preparations post-selection, you might want to know, what did I have to go through… The first one was the Visa  - (Covid Wave-2 did affect the visa process, but I gladly received my stamped visa on 5th October after a pretty LONGGG wait) 


Meanwhile, I joined my German A1.1 classes. (Your Sam is now German A1.1 certified ;) ) 

I made 16 new friends from across the globe - Here’s a picture of the same - 

Shopping and packing my bags were no less fun. Spent good 2 days a week before my travel packing everything I got for Germany! Here’s a picture of my cute Lil bags! :D


It’s not easy for me to believe, but, it was FINALLY October 9th - where I stepped into the next chapter of my life. The excitement of travelling was sky-high BECAUSE IT WAS MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT! (What was special? I booked a window seat right behind the wings of the aircraft -  YES, I LOVE THE VIEW OUTSIDE WINDOWS :P ) The view below was absolutely breathtaking. 


I cannot express in words - how thrilled am I about what’s coming up, and I will keep sharing my bit of what life has for me. Stay tuned. :D 

Meanwhile - Here are some pictures from Stuttgart for you. :)





No matter what you do, you always find an opportunity to inspire people around you. Your energy, humility, and ability to motivate people, make you Sam the best. Lots of love and keep inspiring us ❤


"Aspire to inspire" that's brilliant! You've inspired a great deal of people already. There's excitement and joy all over the blog. All the best for this beautiful journey ahead and in exploring new horizons.


Hallo Sam, wie geht's? Reading this brings in a surge of happiness, enthusiasm and inspiration. Congratulations dear Sam, wishing you all the best with your journey.


Wow! Sam, this entire blog is so inspirational!! After attaining a couple of sessions on studying abroad from our very own workspace, I so want to do a Master's. I'm lucky to be a part of this workspace with such amazing mentors <3 All the best Sam and wish you have great success with this new journey of yours!! : )


This is so inspiring, it sends goosebumps and gets a wide smile around your face without you even realizing it. All the very best for the next chapter of your life and hope you have great success and joy <3