The Four Musketeers of Life

The Four Musketeers of Life

I was having a casual conversation with my beloved mentor Sri Gurudath Bantwalkar, and I got to learn something new from him. Something absolutely thought-provoking and now, I'd like to put it forward in front of all my readers.

One of the most valuable things a human has is their health. Health, as we know, is physical, mental, and social well-being. You're healthy only if you have all these under control. All of these are interconnected through 4 pillars that are most significant to balance life in the best way possible. From childhood to old age you are the reflection of the depth of these pillars. The deeper they are, the healthier you are in every aspect. These four pillars are Aahara, Vihara, Achara, and Vichara. 

It's the food you have. We all know very well how food plays a crucial role in human health. While having it gives energy, having it in excess leads to many disorders. It is necessary to have a minimum of 3 hours between every meal you have. As the digestion takes place the best at noon, it is better to have the largest meal at noon and relatively lighter food in the morning and evening. Having a clear mind at the time of having food is necessary as it helps in better digestion. It is always better to prepare food with positive emotions as well.

This is the most important factor as it influences all other factors mentioned above. Vihara includes the surroundings and the beings in that surroundings. The majority of the time, you are what your circle is. It has a direct effect on the physical, mental as well as social health of a being. To give an example of how the circle influences one, let us consider tomatoes. Keep one rotten tomato among 5 healthy ones. In no time, the healthy ones get spoiled. The one who has the right control over this will remain a peaceful person. 

It is what you are and have been celebrating for over years. The way you behave, the way you address, and your practices are all important for your mental health. Any kind of external force or imbalance from within might turn out to be disastrous. It gives you a sense of comfort. Values such as integrity and ethics form the base. The positive attitude of receiving everything unlocks the doors of another dimension. It is truly vital to shape yourself into the best version possible by practicing a certain set of principles. 

This is the knowledge and thoughtfulness one can have. The more open you are to knowledge, the lesser you get into the state of unwellness. There is no end to this process. With time going, you'll learn a lot; few from others; few from experience. The beauty of this is that it never fails to deliver the thing it is supposed to. At the same time, how you utilize it also matters. To emphasize its importance, here's a small story. 
On a very important day, a businessman's car failed to start. He called the top mechanics of the city and unfortunately, no one could fix it. Later on, his security called on a boy who grew up in a garage fixing vehicles. The boy observed the car, took a hammer from his tool kit, and gently tapped on the engine. To their surprise, the car revved. Upon asking for his fee, he charged whooping 5000 rupees. The shocked businessman asked why should he pay 5000 for a tap on the engine. The boy replied, "The tap costed no more than a rupee but I have the knowledge on where to tap while all your top mechanics failed." 
You must build knowledge not only to survive but survive without any problems. 


These are the four things that are quintessential to have a salubrious life. 

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Wonderful article; Beautifully written.