WKC - Sweet Home

WKC - Sweet Home

It had been over a year that I had visited WKC. When I first visited, it was more like a formal visit. All I knew was that I had to be there for a 3-day camp that includes some kind of a workshop. I definitely was mesmerized by the way the camp happened. I wanted the camp to be stretched a little longer but it was what it was. All I could do is wait till the next camp happens. The pandemic happened later and I understood that it'll take a minimum of one year for things to come back to normal which meant I could lose one more camp. This is when the best thing happened to most of us; Sushiksha. 


After Sushiksha, the connection I had towards WKC grew up. I started loving everything about it. Camps were now not the only reason. The urge to be there simply kept on increasing. I decided that I will go back soon after my exams. I was so excited with the mere thought of going. I was done with my exams and I decided to leave on the 2nd of March. I hopped on the second bus of the morning by informing Akka that I'm leaving late so that I can give a surprise. Every time the bus stopped, the estimation began. Sooner I realized that my plan of surprise was a great flop as the bus I was on was late but the excitement kept on increasing. 

I picked up a rickshaw and reached WKC. The moment I stepped out of the rickshaw, I was so happy. The wait was finally over and I was on cloud 9 at that moment. I ran in only to realize that akka came out from the other way. I got the sweetest welcome ever!!


I could learn a lot of things related to accounts as I could see akka working on it. I always wondered how would that work be. It's tedious yet interesting work to do. I enjoyed helping akka with that work. I spoke to maam and akka about my camp days, how I felt the first time I came. It was nice to recollect all those memories. I could see the changes in me from then to now. Maam also told me about how the experience during those three days impacts a lot of scholars. I was really surprised to know the thought behind everything that has been implemented to make the camps so attractive. 

I also got a chance to have lunch with the legend Shri Basti Vaman Shenoy maam. I was jumping from inside because of the excitement. Somewhere I was a little anxious to present myself in front of him but Vaman maam is so sweet that his words kept me under comfort. 


Out of all the things I did, going out on a long drive with Guru maam and akka is something I liked the most. For me, it wasn't just a long drive. It taught me a lot many things. Throughout the drive, maam and akka explained to me a lot many things like how one should tackle certain situations; how should one approach something, and many more. I got answers to many questions and flaws I had in myself for a long time. It was a great moment for me. 

With all these happening, Guru maam also showed me a lot of places and told me how they came into existence and what were they called before. I was amazed by the amount of information he has and the way he explains. After the drive, we had been to Kadri park. It was nice to visit as I visited a park after almost 10 months. 

It was also nice as I could meet my good friend Keerthi. I had never met her before as we were from different batches but had spoken for hours on zoom calls. After having a good chat, we packed the SCL goodies into the envelope (Yes! I have touched all of those :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:). We had some good time packing all those goodies. That afternoon, we went out for lunch where I could meet our dear mentor Sam. She is a blockbuster powerhouse. Within a few seconds, she filled the room with great energy. I always admire her for that quality. 

This was followed by a long drive to Tannir bhavi. Beaches are something I don't have in my locality which means it always feels good to pay a visit to the beach. 

On our way back, we spoke about the workspace and how it has evolved over this short time. We also got to learn how we, as mentees can make it better. Being a part of this workspace has given me a lot personally. It makes me immensely happy to contribute to it in all ways possible. This conversation was happy and emotional at the same time.  

After all these, it was really hard to even think of coming back home. I enjoyed every second I spent and it was difficult to think of coming back to the daily routine. I was happy because I could get back to WKC, meet maam and akka, and in the meantime take home a lot many learnings and love. I had made lifetime memories. I miss WKC more now and I'm waiting to be back again. It truly feels homely to visit. 


Until next time......



I could imagine every single feeling you have articulated!


Wow! Beautifully articulated. Engaging read.