Bangalore and its greenery

Bangalore and its greenery


Bangalore and its greenery

Namma Bengaluru


Namma Bengaluru is a place that is rich in its heritage and diverse people. Let’s know why Bangalore is known as a “Garden city”.


The name Garden city itself says that the city is filled with greenery. We can say Bangalore is a triple bottom line. It is a city designed with considering social, economic, and environmental for the people residing. Bangalore as we all know is an IT hub. In a developing country like India which has a high population, maintaining both environment and building skyscrapers is a nightmare, But Bangalore has done it. Lal-Bhag, Cubbon park, JP park are a few popular parks to name.


Lal-Bhag Botanical Garden - A 240-acre garden, which holds 1000’s species of plants and trees of more than 100 years old. After visiting Bangalore if you leave without visiting it then your trip to Bangalore would be incomplete. After-all Lal-Bhag is the most popular park in Bangalore. Its mesmerizing flower shows which are organized on Republic Day and Independence Day every year captivate the visitors. This is the most awaited event in the city. It is present in the South part of Bangalore which keeps the surrounding streets crisp. You can reach this place through the metro, bus or even can take your vehicle.


Lal-Bhag flower show

Another popular green sword in Bangalore is Cubbon park also called Sri Chamarajendra Park is located right in the heart of Bengaluru and it stretches for over 300 acres. If you are planning for a day trip inside the city this would be the best place to visit as this beautiful park is located close to Vidhana Soudha, High court, Visvesvaraya museum, and Aquarium. Visiting this place is a combo pack as you will be seeing a lot of places.


Sankey Tank, a manmade lake situated in the western part of the city which is surrounded by few more green streets like Malleshwaram, Sadashiv Nagar, and Vyalikaval. I would personally suggest this place for a morning or evening walk as it has the best sunset and sunrise view and the cold breeze from the trees and lake gives a fresh mood also you can spot great personalities and celebrities if your luck is good as a lot of celebrities stay nearby and come here for their walk. If you are visiting this place in the morning then don’t leave without visiting CTR for your breakfast, You will find one of the best Masala Doses of Bangalore. You will find street foods outside the lake and what can be better than this. A fresh mood with street food is what everyone loves is what I feel. 


Breathtaking Sunrise at Sankey tank


The streets of Sadashiv Nagar, New Bel Road, Malleswaram are completely covered with trees on either side which gives you joy while riding. Bangalore and its greenery are much more beautiful when it rains. It will be like a cherry on the top. On the whole, Bangalore is a place that has everything starting from greenery to concrete grounds which makes it different from other cities and lovable places.



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