IF cars could SPEAK !

IF cars could SPEAK !

If cars could speak ,we would be making noises. Hypothetical questions are fun thinking about the answers until technology strikes off the word hypothetical by inventing talking cars that can understand human emotions and customize the ride according to our situation and talking to us when we feel down and depressed by our own talking species ‘Human Beings’. Cars will be more politically active and outrageous in petrol hike debates as petrol is a fuel for us and ‘Water’ for them to stay alive. Water scarcity is more important than petrol hikes at every angle only if both are considered by authorities. Cars can be easy to handle if they start disturbing us by talking illogical, misogynist things as we can pull out the key. I wish some people were cars with talking feature, rather than humans with transporting features. At this point, I am talking as weird as this topic. So I guess it makes sense when you are asked about things that don’t.

Cars can be dangerous as it is okay to say bad things to Alexa as she/he can’t harm you, but cars can. So it’s better to buy an ordinary car with Alexa inside. Cars with talking skills can even solve the issue of being alone and single. Now I can see Salman khan promoting it in my mind and the car will still hit pedestrians, but for a change now it’s not Bhai’s mistake as the car was driven by ‘The car itself’. I can even imagine cars calling cuss words to each other in Mumbai roadblocks when one car hits another instead of drivers saying bad words to each other. Then it will turn into a Pokemon situation where every driver owns cars with skills in screaming at other cars and this can even turn into a game as our roadblocks are as stagnant as COVID-19 situation now. Jokes apart talking cars can help the driver in understanding the issues in it and can Repair itself using IoT as it can communicate with the mechanic. I am excited to see talking cars in the future and to release this write up in Youtube as “I predicted this in 2020 itself” if Tiktok vs Youtube issue is over by then.



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