The beautiful beginning - Sushiksha Quarter X

The beautiful beginning - Sushiksha Quarter X

Isn’t it strange, how people whom you barely know become your priority all of a sudden? Yes, that is the beauty of being called the team. A space known to nurture the young minds with the thought of “together we grow” was branched into sixteen teams strongly believing in ethics that Sushiksha radiated. 


The journey of the first quarter began right when I took a step forward to fill the voluntary form for being the champion. Not having a single idea about what to do I had told ‘yes’. Now I feel the happiest as I could realize how assuming more responsibilities lets you learn more. Amongst the ten in my team, most of them were familiar to me, because of the Sushiksha Festival. As I sat back and thought about building the bond between the team members by burning the bridge of uncomfortableness, I realized that the activities that the workspace comprised were a greater help. To begin with the logo designing, I was amazed to see the way my teammates volunteered, giving me a hint of their capabilities and the interest they possessed. 


In my observation, the uniqueness of the workspace is that, when you just knew that you learn every day, the workspace made you realize the same each day. Isn’t this beautiful? I was touched when the badges were introduced for every contribution you do to yourself and as well as the workspace. Isn’t this high time, that everyone should be responsible? Yes, everyone in the team was given specific roles where they had their responsibilities. I felt so satisfied when I could give suggestions as to what to do and more than anything else the utmost happiness came when I could be a bit of help. Initially, when we were supposed to help our team members to be accustomed to the workspace as it was completely new to them, I would feel so ecstatic when I had to convey to them that “the workspace expects nothing from you except your active participation, enthusiasm to learn more”. 



The big cheese in the whole journey was the Sushiksha Coding League. A perfectly planned pathway to bond with a team, understand, and manipulate skills. The learning began right from when we were asked to the Software Development Team comprising a maximum of 7. It was very difficult to say NO to a person who was interested to be a part of it. But learning the art of saying no is a must. Otherwise, you will be a step behind from becoming a great leader. Everyday scrum at 7 in the evening, where we discussed the bugs to progress, is a bunch of memories now. All of us who always stepped back just by hearing the word coding are now confident enough to take up a project and willing to learn accordingly. Whenever I reflect on the things that I learned from the Sushiksha coding league, I feel more and more confident and feel as if we are a step closer to “Corporate Norms”. 


There were certain realizations in this quarter that holds a greater significance in the future as well. To begin with, you will be the “Koopa Manduka” if you aren’t letting yourself come out of the cocoon. Sometimes you need to know that the values or principles that you believe in are to be viewed from a different perspective as well. Little things bring a lot of happiness. Sparing 15 minutes in a day can make one’s day the best. Put yourself in others' shoes before you say something. These are some broader contexts, but personally the 1:1 with mentors, Oratoria, Champions meet has had a significant influence on what I am today.


In the whole process, a beautiful thing is that the journey that started with people whom I knew as my batch mates from SOTP camp are now my friends. Unknowingly, there were many bridges of friendship built. Yes, Sushiksha gave me people with whom I cannot imagine to break the bond. It gave us Inspirations (Mentors) whom we cannot admire enough for what they are and be grateful for what they do. Sushiksha and the Datacamp partnership is nothing but another on the trot for Sushiksha. It was the feeling of delightfulness to see the website of our own. The team party we had for winning the HUSTLERS of November holds a special place in my heart. Winning a Grand Orator badge, and Improv Silver badge motivates me to speak more. 



All I wish to say is that I feel blessed, blissful, and many more to be a part of this ever-evolving workspace, which selflessly thrives for the development of an individual leaving no stones unturned. Beginning from the track of productivity to believing in the values of honesty, loyalty, compassion, respect, and empathy, the workspace taught me a lot of things in a short period. I believe there is more to this. To the whole workspace, Sushkisha is nothing but an extended family. 



Well written!!


Well written!!