My Experience in Sushiksha Quarter 1

My Experience in Sushiksha Quarter 1

My experience on the Sushiksha Program was great, it included a lot of learning with a magical taste of fun. I’ll be sharing my experience with you all. Come join me, let me take you through all the wonderful things that happened to me in the Sushiksha Program.


We were asked to choose our Champion and I chose Rajath there was no second thought, I had seen him work in slack and different events of workspace. The dedication he had towards his work, the way he used to handle things was really good, and also as I had never met him in real life, so it was a great way to get to know him. I got to learn a lot from him, the main thing was to react by thinking about what might happen if I make this decision now, he analyzes each and everything and takes his call whether to take the step or not.


My teammates! All were strangers to me but in no time we got together. This was possible because of “Scl-mini”. Here we had to develop a project in one day. We divided the work amongst and then immediately started to work on it, In this we had a mixture of experience, a lot of pressure, sharing your thoughts, taking decisions in a short time, planning how the flow should be, and getting it done. I never did something so seriously but this event was completely a new thing for me, to a person who pushes the dates to be productive and suddenly to work on a project for straight 6 hours was out of my imagination but I could do it and on that day I got to know that never underestimate yourself and also teamwork can create wonders. Yes, yes we couldn't reach our goal on that day but we tried, we worked together, I enjoyed, I did something which was once impossible for me and I guess that is what the brains behind the event also wanted.


This “Scl-mini” gave us a small drop of the big ocean called Corporate. As the aim of Sushiksha is to develop a world-class personality, I believe this was our first step towards it. The journey of having a corporate experience started from here even before joining any firm. Teams were divided into four houses, each team member had a role of leadership, and in our team, we were supposed to convince our champion why we should be selected as that particular lead, It was a smart move by our champion one is that team members will speak up and other is we will get to know each other more which is very important to have a strong team.


 I got a chance to be the Oratoria lead, the reason I chose that role was I wanted to improve my communication skill. So, I thought if I am the lead for it one way I can improve in communication where I’ll be reading and listening to everyone's speech and also As I will be the lead I will have to organize the team Oratoria which is again a new field for me. I had so much fun doing it. I learned how to create posters, I got to turn my colorful ideas into a visual picture, experimenting on colors, brainstorming for new unique designs that would attract everyone. Finally the joy you get when you complete the poster just can’t be expressed in any way.


Sudarshan Kamath! If you ask me who do you think is the best lead? I would say his name. The dedication he has, the way he reminds everyone of events, the efforts he puts in is appreciable, he always has a smile while he speaks and not to forget he is from Mechanical background but still he had that want in him to learn something new something which is not in his domain. I learned a lot from him. 


The workspace is so well designed that it has kept everything in mind. In today’s generation, a lot of them have this mental health issue and Sophist has a channel named “Mental wellness” where we can pour out our fears and problems that too anonymously and the love you get from everyone just makes you stronger and makes you forget about your problems I felt that there is nothing like only I have problems because everyone in their life has gone through the same phase. I learned that life is what you make out of it. It showed me that everyone has problems and the difference that must be between me and everyone is how am I taking it? What am I doing to overcome it?


We had Scl-mini so then Scl-maxo should start right. Here I come to it. Always the special dish should be served at last so I have Scl-maxo and something more special for you all at the end to stay tuned.


To keep the scholars motivated every work of scholar was appreciated with a badge and a big thanks to Praneeth for designing the page. Also, every scholar's birthday was celebrated, there were team parties conducted. I tried to implement this in my real life, for every productive day, I gave myself a prize, which turned out great. I was more productive with full-on concentration.


I mentioned previously that Scl-mini introduced corporate experience and this time a bigger event to enjoy the corporate experience was introduced to us. We had "Scl-maxo" where we were given 3 months to bring out our product. We were asked to develop a web-app that would make online education easier and effective. Again we divided work amongst us and got our hands on it. We had an everyday scrum where we gave our daily updates on the project and discussed further plans on it. We cross-checked each other's work. We assigned work to each other by assigning cards on the Trello board. We kept track of everything, Documentation in the corporate world. Learning new codes, trying it out, and seeing the result gave us wings.


Mother gives her child enormous amounts of love, Father guides his child and shows him/her the reality of life, Guru teaches his disciple the power of knowledge and shows the path towards the light. Finding a place where you can find everything is like finding a 4 leaf clover. Luckily, I found them in this workspace. Guru maam, Sahana Akka, and our mentors all give so much love to us, guide us, clear our doubts and one main thing is they never expect anything in return. I would like to end my blog with this Sanskrit.


अज्ञान तिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जन शलाकया ।

चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥


Meaning: A guru can save us from darkness by applying the balm of knowledge, and I offer my salutation to all Guru.



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