The reality of fitness

The reality of fitness

“Strive at the right place and you will flourish in the correct area.” Strive? right place? In what context do you think I am telling this? Is it regarding work? Education? Future? Present? What is it about?

It’s about staying fit. It’s about exercising regularly and staying healthy. Here’s something to make your year valuable and make the most out of it. Here’s something that can change your entire lifestyle.


What is fitness and what are the pros and the cons?

For ages, the first thought we get in our mind when we hear the word “Fitness” is exercise, physical appearance, strength, endurance, etc. Is that all fitness is about? Yes, fitness is staying healthy but not only about your flesh and bones. They are a part of it but along with that, your mental fitness is also important according to me. Fitness is something that makes you happy, that makes you feel stronger, that gives you the courage to stick-one’s-neck-out. Fitness is something which covers a huge part of our life which unfortunately is in low light. Fitness connects to the future, work, education, happiness, and what not?


There is a proverb that says “Nobody will select 6 packs over 6 cars.” But I would say you must not do workouts to impress someone instead I would say do it for yourself. If you can, then amalgamate both and workout to keep yourself active during your business. Fitness gives you the energy to work hard. There is physical fitness and mental fitness as I mentioned earlier.


What do you mean by physical fitness and mental fitness?

Physical fitness is completely related to movement, greasing your elbows, increasing your physical strength, stamina, etc.  Mental fitness is completely related to your inner self, how you take positive and negative things, how you manage with ups and down in your life. 


I started maintaining physical fitness for about 2 years now and I could see a lot of changes in me. The reason I joined was completely different which I will talk about sometime later. It was hard for me during the initial stages to be regular at it. I was so lazy to go there and exercise but once I started feeling it I was so regular. I felt some good power in myself. I used to get exhausted very quickly but once I started gym my performance increased so well. I used to go early in the morning, do exercise, lift, cardio, return home and immediately start my daily chores and activities without feeling exhausted. Now gym has become my morning energy. Without the gym, I feel the day is incomplete.


As I said joining the gym had a completely different reason. I wanted to bulk up. I was always called skinny in my circle, and this is where mental health matters. It always goes on how you take what people say about you. It’s for sure not about what they say. For example, say someone called me skinny. I used to feel bad but now I feel good because I tell myself skinny people can fit in anywhere. No matter how thin or fat I am, I look good and that’s what matters for me. The gym has completely turned me into a new person and I suggest everyone do something to maintain their physical and mental health which is important in this toxic world but remember to do it for yourself. You’ll meet people who will try to push you down all because you are better in one or the other way.