Peer pressure - What should we take from it?

Peer pressure - What should we take from it?

Friends who are they?  They are our peers, they are our source of influence, they are our source of encouragement. Talking about peers today I will be speaking on Peer pressure whether it's a boon or bane?  Today we will be discussing what is peer pressure? What is Positive and negative peer pressure with a couple of examples. 


What is peer pressure? Peer pressure is the direct influence on people by peers or in a simpler way it is something that we want to do or do by seeing our peers. In this generation Friends play a major role in this. 


When you begin to take the footsteps of your group of friends, you have transparency. You get to see all of their personalities. If your focus tends to incline on the negative choices they make, it will be a pressure that you feel to conform. Every group has positive habits in them which should be your main point of focus in fact , taking the positive things out of everything is very important and might help you in a lot of other ways. Peer pressure can be both positive and negative.


When someone asks you for group study or asks you to join them with some project it is something good that they want you to do or its something good you are performing, this can be a great example of positive peer pressure and say someone asks you to bunk class or someone asks you to get into bad habits then it is an example of negative peer pressure. To be the best you must have the best people around you who influence you or encourage you towards growth.


Peer pressure can be a way for you to learn some positive habits as well as negative habits, it can help you experience different cultures, it can help you develop empathy and at the same time peer pressure can cause you to lose your identity, it can increase the risk of mental health issue, it can change your goals in life. 

I would end by saying- “ Be yourself in this world it is the greatest accomplishment.” 


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Well written!


Well written!!