Sushiksha Coding League

Sushiksha Coding League

When the IPL fever is on the peak amidst pandemic, Sushiksha, the mentoring platform set by Alumni of World Konkani Centre, is just embarked on a Six weeks long journey with Sushiksha Coding League.

Sushiksha Coding League is nothing but a Coding School Initiative with a difference. The Coding School thought was infact ignited by Shri T V Mohandas Pai from the Prerna Stage in 2020. The Alumni took it forward and brought a cool quotient to the brand with a feel of cricketing spirit. The Tagline of SCL is “Anybody Can Code” – it means a great coder can come from any corner of faculty.

SCL was inaugurated by the Living Legend of Indian Banking Shri K.V.Kamath on 1st November 2020 in a virtual function organized for Scholarship Awards of World Konkani Centre. SCL is being offered to the 150+ Engineering Students from various colleges across South India, who are under the Sushiksha Mentoring Programme of the Vishwa Konkani Scholarship Programme. 18 Teams of 7 members each will be competing each other in learning and developing solutions for the challenges posed at them.

SCL is spread across Six weeks with Two Phases. The SCL Mini, a short duration phase as the name suggests, with a couple of Workshops in Python, Web development and Flask followed by a Sandbox Hackathon. This is just to make sure all the teams and participants are thorough with the basics of programming. Then comes the SCL Maxo wherein the teams are invited to develop a solution for a problem in the given challenge area culminating with a final contest between the teams. 

“Throughout during the SCL Mini and Maxo, teams are required to learn Project Management Principles and Software Development Life Cycle. The teams are then required to implement the project working in a simulative corporate environment.” Says the Venkatesh Prabhu, the Convener of SCL. “The Challenge area will be of social interest and result in to the tech-for-good initiatives.”

The SCL will host a series of Master Classes and workshops along the way, and involve a band of mentors to meet the teams and help them resolve roadblocks if any. All the teams and required to conduct Daily Scrum meetings which are 15-minute time-boxed standup involving all the members. A weekly scrum is also held with leads of all the teams along with the mentors for the smooth progress of the SCL. 

Needless to say SCL will offer a loads of goodies and prizes to the participants and winners which will be added incentives to the participants apart from a great exposure to the Software Development practices of the Corporate world.