Joint family :Still relevant?

Joint family :Still relevant?

"The memories we make with family is everything "

   -Candace Cameron Bure


What is a joint family? It's not just having three generations under one roof; it also means staying together no matter what the situation is, staying together no matter how hard your life is, staying together in all ups and down. 


India from ancient times had this concept of joint family, it always has been an advantage for the younger generation more. They learn a lot from everything that happens, for instance let's take an example : Say you are investing in some kind of business, What does the business need? or what business to choose? It requires the idea.Our big joint family members are in different domains, my uncle owns a hotel and has a plan to invest somewhere in the same domain. You know what he did?  He asked all the young lads about what ideas we have, by this there is a mixture of both experience and new and innovative ideas from young minds, similar way say you have to invest and you are a fresher in that domain you can seek advice from elders as i assure you that they will have experience in one or other domain for sure.


There is a big misunderstanding among this generation that having a joint family you can seek advice from elders as I assure you that they will have experience in one or other domain for sure, it's completely wrong. We recently had a get together with about 50-60 people; was no function or ceremony there, rather we spent time with each other.  We all had a lot of fun there, we sang, we danced, we played quiz and the quiz was about general knowledge like 5 questions about our state, 5 about our country, 5 about the world and 5 about the film industry. There was a healthy competition between 7 groups to make it more interesting and we all enjoyed it. The next day we spent it completely with our grandparents. We spoke to them while they shared their childhood experiences, the way they used to stay away and work just to feed themselves, and the hardship they had during their time just to have living when compared to our silly life issues are nothing. What I want to convey here is that having a joint family is not having an old mindset, it's all left to you, how much you take from them, the more time you spend with your family, the more you'll gain knowledge. 



Well written!


Well written!


Well said!