Immortals of Meluha: A Modern Mythology

Immortals of Meluha: A Modern Mythology


I have always been a fan of thrillers, mostly investigative ones, and sherlock being the book that pulled me into that I was not sure how the First edition of Shiva Trilogy: The immortals of Meluha will be as I assumed it to be a warfare story with mythology injected into it to serve a decent story. The book cover was giving me those vibes, but I couldn’t imagine how a book can give me action drama through words ?. Also, I had this weird stereotype that books can only inject us with knowledge and perspectives and never that feeling of watching a blockbuster thriller like Bahubali gives in each "Mass" scene ever. All the books I read before this have made me laugh, cry, and even curious to know what is going in Sherlock's big brain. But this book has changed, even disrupted would be a better choice of word to describe the effect. I started this with the assumption of experiencing a mythological war drama but I was welcomed with something I would term as a modern mythology. The story had characters with names and deeds from Puranas, but living in a modern world. It was strange but intriguing. The nations, kings, protagonists, etc. are written so well that you feel for their dilemmas and conflicts. Each emotion is triggered accurately in this bookmaking the reader enjoy a rollercoaster ride of life and its possibilities. Without any spoilers, I can say that if this book is made into a movie with a good director and cast, this might become our Parasite for the world to cherish. This book also makes it clear that even action can be made thrilling through writing and the cliffhangers and plot twists in this is something that I don't want to talk about as it might make this into a book reviewing Meluha. Excited for the next two books. 


I liked how Author Amish gave easter eggs that will make us curious and impatient for the next book to be read as soon as possible to be involved in this quest of identity and purpose of life. Our protagonist is not perfect, he is emotionally struggling, physically challenged in different scenarios with a haunting past that serves well in character transformation and a great story arc for the readers to jump in. Indian mythological references is something that makes this story more relatable and interesting as it takes some character traits from Puranas but makes sure that no one has inhuman powers that will kill the thrill and rooting we had for each character. I enjoyed reading this and I am too excited to read the next edition The Secret Of Nagas. Will return with the review of that soon. Thanks for reading.