Mind- A boundless source

Mind- A boundless source

'Focused mind is one of the strongest forces on Earth.'



The most powerful gift one has is their own mind. Anything and everything you come across has a great connection to your mind. From launching a rocket to Mars to breathing in, your mind has a vital role to play. Every decision you take comes from a single source and that is your mind. Regardless of how you feel about yourself, your mind is actually priceless material. Train it very well to achieve what you desire. Take care of your mind and it’ll take care of everything you witness.


People say that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Is it? The mind is never empty. It is always occupied with one or the other thought. But the thought which is in the mind is what decides whether it’s a devil’s work or not. Thinking about something which fascinates a person, leads to inventions and discoveries. The theory of relativity came into Einstein’s mind by a simple thought of him watching a clock tower while traveling on a train. It might sound weird but that’s what it is. All it requires is guiding your mind towards something which always fascinates you.


There are three things that play an important role in building a healthy mind when used together.




This is the ability to acquire knowledge without conscious reasoning. People call this differently. Some call it “Sixth sense”, while few others call it “Gut feeling”. Irrespective of what one calls, this is one thing that can drive you towards your motive. If it goes right, well and good. What if it doesn’t? No problem; You get to learn about what happened and how to tackle the same if it repeats. You might wonder how this works. Intuitions trigger your brain with various possible outcomes of that particular situation. The more thoughts you have, the more region of the brain get activated. This in turn keeps further thoughts broad.




Who doesn’t like imagining? While watching a movie, one always tries to put themselves in the place of the actor and see how they would have fought the antagonist. The power of imagination is beyond anything. But at the same time, it’s also important how you imagine. If one always imagines a negative outcome, it’s quite obvious that the result ends up being negative because that thought would have already lowered your morale. This is the reason why one should always think and stay positive.




What do you do when your friend calls you all of a sudden and throws a brick at you? What if the youngest member of your family wakes you up when you’re in a deep sleep and asks what comes after ninety-nine? How do you remember all these though you’re not conscious? Subconsciousness is the answer. Every action you take is directly linked to this because your subconscious mind is the repository for all your previous actions and experience. If you’re facing a problem in your life, it simply means that you’ve ignored your subconscious mind even when you’re facing it for the first time. If one uses the subconscious mind the chances of failing at something are almost nil.




I’d like to conclude by saying, “Train your mind to see the good in every situation.” If the above mentioned are used together, one can reach levels that they haven’t seen or reached yet. The mind is an asset which no one can steal. So, use it to the fullest.




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