My  Experience In Rotaract  as a student

My Experience In Rotaract as a student


"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more but those giving more."


Engaging in community service provides individual with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. In this article I will explain my personal experience of being a part of Rotaract student club in our college. When I am in first year of engineering I have never been so comfortable talking to new people. The moment after i joined Rotaract club everything is changed. This helped me to acquire life skills and knowledge and social awareness. The glad that I took a decision to part of this social club during my engineering.

 As a Rotaractor CCPs( Community contact programme) are one of the best things that keep looking forward to every week. As a part of this programme we visit various orphanages, old age home  around the city and spend some time with them. Every time I visit any orphanage with club my heart cannot help feeling warm after seeing people smile. When I first visited the orphanage, I was clueless as to how to make the first move. It was only after a young boy showed up, introduce himself and asked me to do the same and that's all it took. And  looking them closely for the first time I have literally scared, because these innocent people don’t know what they are doing. But meeting new people from a myriad of backgrounds and hearing endless stories from them has thought me lots of life-lessons. The older  people  are more rested, and just a wee bit more serious, but its only a matter of time and they’re all happily playing games and singing and dancing ,finally we dance with them happily. Truely these CCPs have been phenomenal and inspiring experience for me.








As a part of this club I took part in various activities. One of them are Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. Starting from a clean house, to a clean city, to a clean state and finally clean country, this is the motto of Swatch Bharat! We conducted a campaign with the aim of cleaning up the area surrounding the Manipal.  We a group of 60 voluntary students and rotarators managed to clean the surrounding, disposing off nearly 30 large garbage bags. We were ecstatic to see the kids over there joining us this endeavour. Their enthusiasm mixed with our motto made our campaign successful one. And we got support from local leaders, citizens and we collectively together cleaned the city and surrounding.

 The blood donation camp is one of the great initiative taken by Rotaract Club. I have not donated  the  blood. But being a part of the club whenever I free, I and my friend volunteer for   this camp and take part in this great initiative by publisize about the events and try to make more donors. At least once in a month we are having blood donation programme, which is even recognized from higher authorities of KMC hospital. And if there any blood emergency, every Rotractor will get the message, so we can share this message so whoever is ready for donating blood, they are given a chance for that. This campaign not only aimed at saving lives but also brought awareness among the students and people regarding importance of blood donation. The sense of responsibility in each of Rotaractor and thought of "saving a life" in each donor was beautiful example of making this planet a better place to live in.


Cloth donation is the unique initiative taken by us as a Rotaract. Not everyone is privileged as us. Cloth donation is a small deed which can bring inevitable joy to many faces, Something that is outdated to you, could be great use to someone. We collected all those t shirts, pants, in boxes and distributes them to unprivileged section of our society and fill our lives with the blessings of all these people.

Every year in august we celebrate "plantation drive week". In this span of 7 days we plant at least 250 sapling around the campus. Apart from all the social activities, the events like “Dhol Baje “ is organized as part of college fest which gives lot of fun we want in our daily college life. Fresher’s were introduce and get to know seniors and their work .And Quite often we having  interacting session related to mental health with the aim of increase sensitivity towards mental health from great professors who was very well known for these subjects. And many more events are organized from this club and got great response from college.