Pandemic and essential workers - An unfortunate duo

Pandemic and essential workers - An unfortunate duo

Did you ever imagine that life would come down to being cooped up in your home all day for months on end? Did you ever think that there would come a day when you'd have to be afraid to go outside your home?

Did you?

None of us did. But, there's nothing we can do now, other than making a wish to turn back time. If you think your life is difficult, just think of what the essential workers are having to undergo.

They are crumbling under the burden of having to go to work each day with the impending gloom of sickness. They have to deal with divergent customers who refuse to wear masks and anxiety from hearing about co-workers falling ill or even dying from the corona virus. The challenges these people face can't even be fathomed. First responders and medical professionals are at an added risk because avoiding contact with other people is not an option for them. Social distancing may happen only some of the time and going to work each day represents significant obstacles and challenges both physically and emotionally.

Health Care Workers are facing several challenges during COVID-19 pandemic:  Dr. (Prof. Raju Vaishya)

While many of us can choose whether or not we want to venture out of our homes, the case for millions of essential workers is not the same. With the shortage of personal protective equipment, many of these workers are going to work each day not knowing if they will come back healthy. According to a survey that analyzed hospital preparedness since the covid-19 crisis, has reported that nearly 80% of respondents feel more stressed in their jobs and only 40% reported their Hospital has established specific covid-19 resources for their mental health support.

The impact of daily stress on mental health under normal conditions daily stress can have a significant impact on our mental health; but when your body is run down from long days or stressful shift without a break, it's only a matter of time before your psychological and physical health starts to bear the brunt. Studies have shown increased rates of anxiety and depression in Health Care workers. When dealing with a pandemic there is the anxiety of accidentally transmitting the virus to loved ones at home.If they get the viral disease, many will not be getting pay raises or paid sick leave which makes this pandemic even more anxiety. They are made to choose between a paycheck and protecting their family and health.

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They are trying to remain strong and resilient for their patients, families, friends and communities. They are taking great personal risk to keep everybody else safe and healthy, even though it can have a gargantuan impact on their mental health as they are experiencing prolonged stress of high intensity without any respite. All of this should make us respect them and give them the support they deserve - not just the doctors and nurses, but everyone else too.