Be it in religion, art, culture, or values, India has always been at the forefront of diversity. Indian tradition and culture is one of the most vibrant ones in the world. Today, India stands as a strong and multi-cultured society since it has absorbed a multitude of cultures and moved on. Even though westernization has reached us and had a significant impact on us, we have still held on to our morals, values, and cultures. We are still living and learning lessons from our scriptures. 

Indians are like trees. We hold on to our cultural roots and keep it as our base while growing into extraordinary individuals with time. We can never outgrow our roots no matter, how much we grow. 

Ambiguity around atithi devo bhava

Culture doesn't only comprise of our rituals, values, and beliefs. It encompasses the essence of who we are. Our culture states that we should always treat our guests like God; that's why India is famous for the saying, "Atithi Devo Bhava." People from the older generation pass on their beliefs and culture to the upcoming generation. Hence, we pass on our culture from generation to generation. 

India's religions can be dated back to almost five thousand years. Religions like Hinduism originated here from the Vedas. It's believed that Jainism was present in India, right from the Indus Valley Civilisations. Buddhism came around due to the teachings of Gautham Buddha. Other religions like Christianity and Islam came about when the French, Portuguese, British, and Arabs invaded India. 

Freedom Of Worship: A Symbol Of Religious Liberty And Unity | Indian  Journal of Law and Public Policy

In a country that comprises of so much diversity, one would expect that there would be a lot of cultural tensions. However, we've all been living together in peace for centuries, and it will continue to be so.

Eras have come and gone, but our culture has remained just as powerful. Each generation is connected to the next by the umbilical cord of culture. Our ethnic culture always teaches us to behave well, respect elders, care for the helpless, and always help the needy. It is our religious culture that makes us who we are.  The primary roots of our great culture are humanity and spiritual practices.




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