Health and Fitness for Busy people

Health and Fitness for Busy people

Health is about being fit both mentally and physically. Back then, being healthy meant being physically fit but with time this doesn't hold good. Mental health holds as much as importance as physical fitness does.

The fact is all of us are so darned busy that we are not capable of managing time for fitness. We are so occupied with work, household chores and time for family that we often forget about our own health and fitness. To quote Steve Jobs " You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you " . So prioritizing one's health and fitness is essential to every individual.

So how to make it work?

It  is necessary to understand every small activity we do makes a big difference. Even though you can't see the results immediately, making it routine will surely count. Most people have this presumption that they will have to hit gym regularly to be fit. The fact is one can be healthy even without going to gym. But investing time in simple forms of exercises like stretching, yoga, a walk or jog for 30 minutes, meditation is recommended.

The ultimate goal is to avoid being stationary for prolonged hours. Choose to take to stairs rather than an elevator, ride a bicycle rather than a motorbike, consider a couple of exercises that you can do at your desk in the workplace. Another major thing is, run personal errands. Taking a walk to the supermarket and nearby stores would be good example.

Food habits is one of the key ingredients to good health. First of all, never stay hungry. It is very much essential to consume nutritious food and a balanced diet. Busy schedule messes up our food habits – that is when you don’t find time to cook for yourself, you tend to depend on processed food. As long as it fills your stomach, you are not bothered if it is healthy or not. Improper food habits can lead to obesity and serious heart problems. The best way to avoid this is simply consuming fruits and raw vegetables. Diet also has a very important role to play. The easiest way for a busy person to maintain a proper diet is to be strict with day to day diet. This can be achieved by consuming protein and vitamin rich food rather than hogging junk!Water plays a vital role in health and diet. Drinking water increases metabolism, flushes out harmful toxins from our body, boosts energy. Consuming atleast 8 cups of water in a day can help significantly.

As said mental harmony is equally important. Meditation has a lot of benefits. It reduces negative emotions and helps one increase patience and tolerance. It is a preferred way to manage stress and hence mental health.

These are a few aspects which on inculcating in our life is surely going to make a huge difference.


Let’s not forget our health cause at the end of the day, HEALTH IS WEALTH.



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