Prayogshaala is a one week online bootcamp program specially curated for girls in engineering colleges and aspiring young women leaders which provides tech and applied skills education. I had never been a member of a boot camp and it was a great experience. Samyuktha Prabhu, my dear mentor from Sophists, had suggested to me and some other girls in the workspace to take up this opportunity and I applied as well.


      There was some sort of selection process so that they selected only girls from engineering colleges. I was part of Cohort 5 with a Prayogshaala instructor and 12 others from across India.  A cohort is a group of small people who would be meeting everyday on the video call and would have a lively discussion and gain some great amount of knowledge. We were to meet for one and a half hours per day for the training for a total 6 day period.


        The first day, I was overexcited. It was indeed a good beginning with each of us introducing ourselves and then going on to end the training camp for the day with a self-defense training session. There was a session called "leading with courage" and It was so good that I felt courage flowing in me after this session. Our instructor made us give our opinions on various topics and we discussed them. I felt it was really very useful. 


        The following day, the sessions involved resumé writing and portfolio creation. I had my resume ready and I was happy that I could get it reviewed. At the end of this session, I had my own portfolio page and was able to host it on GitHub. While making the portfolio page, I also understood some more concepts on git and GitHub. It was one amazing day at the bootcamp for me.


        The next three days covered sessions on public speaking, coding activities and a session called “I'm remarkable”. The public speaking session involved sharing thoughts, making our bio, describing ourselves using different adjectives given and so on. The session was like a double sided sword. We got to work on two different skills simultaneously. We got to improve our speaking skills and we also got to write our bio. In the coding session, we learned to send certain emails to several people. It was a hands-on training that made it highly interactive and really interesting. All these sessions made me realise the abundant amount of things that exist and we at some point are totally unaware of certain concepts at all. 

        The “I'm remarkable” session was one of my favourites from the bootcamp. In this session, we were supposed to describe how we find ourselves remarkable. One thing I noticed here was that, in the 10 minutes of time that was given to us to write, most of them couldn't really describe more on how they find themselves remarkable. It's mainly because whenever we say we did something good people consider it as boasting and usually, less support is received. After the “I’m remarkable” session, I felt how important it is for us to represent ourselves and never be embarrassed to talk about our achievements. We need to be proud of our achievements, we need to stand up for ourselves and shouldn’t undervalue ourselves, is what I got from this session. 


On the last day, there was an expert talk and the final note. Along with the training, I got new friends and I had a great insight on interviews, resume building, workshops and public speaking.


         The best part of this training camp was that we got personal attention from the trainer due to the fewer people within each cohort. I was able to interact with the trainer and other members of the class. The trainer shared her own experiences, which is always very important to get a personal level connection. We asked a lot of questions and really informative discussions took place. We had Assignments assigned to us at the end of the day, which enabled us to keep the concepts that were discussed, intact. I had to partner with a teammate to carry out a small project. Overall, the training camp was a tremendous source of knowledge and an excellent way to improve coding and communication skills. I would never give a second thought to explore more such opportunities in the future.




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Wow! That's amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience through this article.