Digital Art

Digital Art

Art is a form to express our feelings and emotions. It can also visualize our thoughts on a canvas. From the beginning of the Stone age till now, we have been using pictures or drawings to tell stories. In the stone age, humans used to draw on the wall with whatever they had in their hand. They would take fruit and draw with their rich colours or sometimes use charcoal as a pencil. Then as time passed people started making paintbrushes, pencils, tools and papers. It was a leap and many artists emerged. They started creating masterpieces from then. generations have passed, and now, we are in the age of technology. Computers have been helping us automate our daily task. Computers are also taking over the field of art. One of the most interesting fields that are emerging is Digital Art/Paintings.

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What is Digital art?

Digital art is a form of art where the drawings are made on computers using modern-day software like Photoshop, Autodesk sketch, Corel painter, Krita and many other tools. It is much easier and time-efficient than traditional art but it does need skills to be mastered. Overall, this is a great skill to be acquired in this era because of the emergence of movies that need VFX design. Even the gaming industry uses digital art forms which compared to other industries is worth a whopping 77 billion dollars. It is also used by animation industries for making and modelling characters that come to life. This is the future for many different forms of art.

Where is it used?

Concept design


Graphic Design

Realistic paintings

Digital art is one of its kind. You might see it a lot in movie posters, comics, animations and many more places. It has its significance. When it is being compared to traditional art. Many people have a notion in their head that is digital art cannot be a form of art because it uses computer tools to make a piece and that it's like skipping all of the hard parts of the drawing. I would say no. It is as difficult as traditional art and needs as much concentration as traditional art does.

Photoshop is a cool thing because it gives more options to customize an image. It takes many edits to make a photo look wonderful. For that, we have to concentrate on minute details and digital artists can do it easily.

How is digital art made and what are the tools?

To make a digital art you need to have a graphic tablet or a mouse and a clear monitor. Graphics tablets are nothing but an input device where you connect it to a computer. By using a stylus( electronic pen) you can write or draw as you do it on a piece of paper. The two types of graphic tablets are display tablets and non-display tablets. Display tablets give an experience - just like paper because you are drawing on the screen. The display tablets are just like your second monitor which displays exactly what’s on your monitor. Then Comes the non-display tablets which need high coordination of eye and hands. Here you will look in the monitor and draw on the tablets. In the beginning, it might feel pretty weird but as time passes you will get a hang of it. Since I mentioned the mouse, you would think how will the mouse help. The mouse can also be used to make digital art in the method of vector illustrations. With the help of basic shapes and its combinations, you can arrive at a complex figure.

I would like to share my experience of having a Graphic tablet. I was too excited when I bought a device called XP-pen Deco-02. After doing a lot of research, I got to know that this tablet was perfect in terms of features and prize. After Unboxing and reading the user manual, I quickly connected it to the computer and installed some drivers. It was time for me to test it. But it was confusing because I wasn't getting the line strokes that I wanted. The settings needed to be tweaked a lot to get the right amount of pressure in the pen. The eye-hand coordination was not so good and my drawings would turn out to be bad. I did not know which software to use so I tried Krita for the first time and it was marvellous. It's open-source software. (I will write an entire blog on Krita so stay tuned.) As days passed, I learnt how to configure the tablet. Sometimes instead of the mouse, I use the tablet to get more experience on it. I have been practising digital art for over 1½ years now. I have also done numerous paintings and graphic illustrations on them.

Conclusion: Art is nothing but expressing your emotions through paintings and illustrations, may it be traditional or digital. The advancement of computers helps us to create our world. It can also help you save a lot of time in colouring. Flexibility is the key and tools can do wonders.



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