The Music!

The Music!

Do you guys love to listen music? Can you live without listening to music atleast twice in a week?. Today, let's learn more about Music. Music is the best way to enjoy the life and to be happy(most of the times). In this busy corrupt world, where everybody wants to harm each other at all times, music keeps us happy in such difficult times and helps us by providing relief to our brain. I have realized in my real life that music is a great tool which helps me to be happy forever. Music is greater than meditation and yoga, as it benefits both our mind and body.

Music is a God-given gift for us. It is like a kindred soul for us, which helps a lot to keep a good mental health and physical health. Music is the rhythm that brings all the good memories and positive thoughts of the past for example :- favorite places, individuals or festivities , friends, family tour etc... Music is a very melodious ,soft and universal language, which tells everything peacefully and eliminates all our problems and tensions without asking us. I always like to listen music at the time of my studies and especially, during the time of my exams. It helps me a  lot in increasing my concentration during studies and it gives me quite good results as well. I always love to give a special name for music called "Shraddha Aur Saburi" which says " slow and peaceful"

Music is very easy and Anyone can learn that at any time. however, it needs hobbies, regular practice and  discipline to learn it. I know to play Harmonium little bit. It works to soothe my brain and along with that it also helps me to generate positive thoughts which helps me a lot in my personal life. In this way, we can say that music provides spiritual, mental and physical strength as well as develops a good confidence among human beings.

There are many different types of music all over the world for example pop music, rock, classical, jazz, folk, hip-hop etc. Now I want to say little bit about Indian music.

Indian music has became very popular in India since the ancient times. The beginning of this music anachronize to the Vedic period as well. It is believed that the original source of this music is to be from the Vedas. There is a belief in the Hindu religion that Brahma gave music as a boon to Narada Muni, who was famous in Hindu traditions as a travelling musician and storyteller, who carries news and enlightening wisdom. Indian music is quite tranquil and relaxing also, a description of such great artists in the history of Indian music, who mesmerize trees and plants with their music.

A the conclusion I want to say that, Music is a powerful instrument that increases the power of our meditation and always helps us to move forward in our life and helps us to lead a successful and beautiful life.




Nicely moulded ideas! Music is indeed a connection that every living creature feels


Its true music is a universal language. Nicely written!