I Love You So

I Love You So

Sidharth and Sandhya are staring at the sun, sitting at the seashore.

Sid: There's something I need to tell you and I have been sitting tight for a really long time

Sandhya: You're breaking up with me.

Sid: No!

Sandhya: You are. You're creating a wall between us.

Sid: No, that is not it.

Sandhya: I knew it. You've been different recently.

Sid: No I haven't.

Sandhya: For the most recent couple of weeks.

Sid: No I haven't.

Sandhya: Yes you have. You've been quiet for the past few days.

Sid: Because of everything I need to say to you.

Sandhya: You've met another person.

Sid: No.

Sandhya: You have. This is what  I've feared all the time.

Sid: It isn't that in any way.

Sandhya: Where did you meet her?

Sid: I haven't met anyone.

Sandhya: What's her name?

Sid: There isn't anyone.

Sandhya: Is she blonde or black? I bet she's black.

Sid: No.

Sandhya: You need a change. That is the thing. isn't it?

Sid: No, It's not.

Sandhya: You're tired of me.

Sid: I am not tired of you. I like the way you are.

Sandhya: Liar! Okay, tell me How long have we been dating together?

Sid: What?

Sandhya: There! You see! You can't recollect.

Sid: Eight months. We've been going out for eight months. Eight months by next Friday, as a matter of fact.

Sandhya: I got it. So you are bored and came to reconsider our relationship and needed to sort out it, didn't you?

Sid: Listen, Sandhya.

Sandhya: I don't have to tune in. I can figure out the entire story as of now.

Sid: Sandhya, please listen. There's something I need to tell you.

Sandhya: All right. As usual, let's hear it in your own specific manner. You have truly irritated me.

Sid: It's that - (long pause)

Sandhya: Tell me every minute detail of your made-up story. Continue.

Sid: My mom.


Sid: She's hospitalized.


Sid: Doctors thought she had leukemia.


Sid: We were apprehensive she may pass out. (sobbing)

Sid: That's the reason I never told you. Didn't have any intentions to upset you. 

Sid: But they believe she's doing okay. They're not completely sure. However, she's most likely OK. She's coming home tomorrow.

Sandhya: Thank god! I thought you planned to dump me.

Sid: Excuse me?

Sandhya: I thought it would've been the end of our story. Truly, Sid, I would have been ruined if this wasn't the case.

Sid: Did you hear what I said?

Sandhya: Yes. Of course, I did. Also, I'm sorry about your mum. Hope she gets well pretty soon. Thank heavens what a consolation!

Sid: Sandhya!

Sandhya: Let's hang out, Sid.

Sid: Sandhya.

Sandhya: What?

Sid: We are done. 

Sandhya: What?

Sid: Go jump off in that sea. Good Bye... 

Sandhya: Sid! What's wrong? Sid! Try not to leave me like that.



The way both of them behaved was bad. Patience is the key in of the relationship and both didn't had that!