Brief About Salt !

Brief About Salt !

Can you eat foods without salt?   Do you guys still remember about salt analysis which we were performing in our PU days? Let's learn more about salt. Salt is basically called Sodium chloride ( NaCl ) which is known as common salt in it's mineral form. It is very important because it is almost essential for every food items that human beings eat and  for some factor it's also good for health. For domestic use, it is fined down to table salt, and some quantities of other chemicals are added to it to keep it free-flowing when it is contact with the atmosphere. ocean and seas contains salt in large quantity.

chemistry also built with many types of salts. If I say about chemistry of salts, I am sure that it never gonna end. Salt and potassium are combined together to produce iodized salt, which  is used when iodine is lacking in the diet. It's absence can cause goiter, the swelling of the thyroid gland which is very dangerous to humans because it causes cosmetic concerns and affect breathing and swallowing.

In our daily life, besides of making nutritious food more palatable, salt is very much used  in making bakery products, canned and frozen foods. Salt is a very good preservative that retards the growth of micro-organisms , for that reason it is used to store foods for long days. some people wash vegetables and fruits in salt water, when they bring from markets Because some people believe that salt kills bacteria present in that which has been proved by science.

Salt is also Important in the food industry. Without salt no food industry will be existed. It is used in meat-packing, sausage-making and fish-curing both during seasons and as a preservative. It is helpful in curing and preserving of hides and for refrigeration purposes in the form of brine.

Salt is very extensively used in the chemical industry i.e. in the manufacture of baking soda(NaHCO₃), sodium bicarbonate(NaHCO₃), caustic soda(NaOH), sodium hydroxide(NaOH); hydrochloric acid(HCl), chlorine(Cl), etc. It is also used in soap-making which include manufacturing Glycerin Soap, Transparent soap, Liquid soap, kitchen Soap etc. and it is also used in the manufacture of glaze and porcelain enamel. It also enters metallurgic processes as flux, which is a compound used to assist the fusing of different metals.

Did you know that?:- Salt lowers the melting point of water, so in combination along with grit, it is used for clearing roads of snow and ice. It is also used for water-softening by means of removing calcium(Ca+2) and magnesium(Mg+2) compounds from tap water.

Eating too much of salt creates high blood pressure, which is very dangerous and it is linked to conditions like heart failure or heart attack, kidney problems, fluid retention, stroke , osteoporosis, goiter(less iodine) etc.. So eat the salt as much as required and don't take more salts as it is very bad to health. Do a diet weekly once in which eat vegetables and fruits without salts, which can bring high blood pressure  to the lower level.
Be healthy and Be safr :)