The Pollution Of Plastics!

The Pollution Of Plastics!

Plastic pollution is a very dangeorous pollution which is caused due to plastic waste, which has reached to great heights and is increasing rapidly as the day by day passes. It has become a cause of global concern as it is destroying our beautiful mother earth and having negative effects on all kinds of living beings.

Let's see how to reduce plastic pollution:-

The first and very important step to reduce plastic pollution is to avoid the usage of plastic products. Now a days many shops and bazaar are not using plastic bags because they know the effects of using plastics. Instead they started to use cloth bags. But there are some shops who uses plastic bags because they do not have other way. For example ,In groceries shop they have to pack many items to customer. they can't use cloth bags for all items. 

we cannot avoid usage of plastics completely. But, we can certainly try as much as we can to avoid using those plastic products and that can easily be replaced with eco-friendly bags. Instead of using plastic bags, we can easily use a jute bag, cloth bag or paper bag or any reusable or disposable bags, when we go for shopping.  Likewise, instead of using disposable plastic cutlery  we can use those materials that, are made up of made of steel, paper, or any other material which is easily reusable or easy to dispose.

 We are in a habit of throwing the plastic bags and containers that we get with some packed food items .That containers also can be used a couple of times before disposing off. By these steps we can  reduce the plastic waste and bring down the plastic pollution.

I conclude my blog by saying that


1)keep a tab on plastic production

2)reduce the use of plastic bags and try to avoid plastic items

3)spread awareness as much as you can

4)say 'NO' to packeged drinking water- Instead try to carry a small bottles from home itself.

5)Avoid ordering food items 

6)try to purchase bulk grocery - instead of buying many items, many times, try to buy in big amount.

It is very big problem to dispose the plastic items and by following these steps ,we can try to reduce plastic pollution .


Save Earth, Save India!!