Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

This blog explains that our wealth will be very useful if we are healthy and alive for long years. But to live for long years we should maintain a good health. There is a famous quote which says that "Health is wealth". which explains that a health is very important than wealth. A man with the good health is always more effective than a man with more wealth. Because a man with more health can make whatever job wishes without depending on others but man with more wealth cannot do anything still is is rich and wealthy.

There is nothing greater than being born with zero health issues, but one shouldn't take their good health for granted. There are very less people who understand the importance of riches in terms of wealth would mean nothing if their health is on the line(i.e. health is very bad).

Illnesses occurs due to different reasons and sometimes it helps us to build our immunity power as well. But many times, these illnesses can also  ruin us in an unexpectable way. Therefore we must take care or treat our body carefully like a holy temple for Hindus or church for Christians or like a mosque for Muslims and invest time and energy in right manner behind our physical and mental health, which helps us to lead a healthy and better life.

Mental health is also responsible for many deaths, we often forget to take care of it and we are scared to ask help. But we should not give up at earliest stage and we should wait and give time to recover slowly.  Living should not just be about existing or surviving, one needs to follow a healthy lifestyle .

A healthy lifestyle necessarily does not mean that we should not eat junk food or street food. Rather, it is about understanding how bad it will be for us and finding healthier alternatives for the food to enjoy the rest of life. A balanced diet will have all those essential components like water, protein, carbohydrate, etc. in the right quantity that our body requires very essentially to become much healthier. A healthy diet will also help us to live disease-free healthy life.



Nicely written Anirudha ! I totally agree how important it is to maintain our health 👍