My First Day at College

My First Day at College

 My first day at college. I was really excited. It was sort of a dream come true . Getting admission to a college you were dreaming of for the past year. Yes, it surely was a dream come true.

I entered the campus and saw many unknown faces. At that time I didn’t know that the ‘owners’ of these faces would become my friends. I entered the college building and saw a banner that read,


“MSRIT Welcomes The New Batch Of 2020-21”.


 I was happy to meet some friends that I had met earlier during school competitions. So, my first day didn’t turn out as scary as I thought. There was no ragging as such, but we did interact with our seniors and they were quite nice to us. We also listened to some speeches by the college faculty and the principal. The speeches were informative, as they told us about the college, its history, and the strong alumni network that the college has.


Some special features of the college, however, attracted me the most. I found that we would not have to sit motionless in one classroom all through the periods. Each day there were two breaks, one of half an hour, and another, fifteen minutes. Moreover, all the classes were not to be held in one classroom only. We would have to change our classrooms two or three times a day. This mobility, no doubt, instilled into us students new refreshments and instigation.


The first day at college I was exposed to a new world-a world of freedom, of responsibility, of consciousness. Though much could not have been felt and understood in a single day, a good deal was learned and felt. This was the first time that I strongly felt the tie of group cohesiveness. I found myself in the midst of a wide variety of free-minded boys and girls. It seemed to me that I, for the first time, stepped into a new world where knowledge, consciousness, and confidence get merged.