College Life: Expectation vs Reality

College Life: Expectation vs Reality

Schooling is a stage where an individual just starts to build the foundation of his overall academics and then the college helps them to make it strong and reach perfection. Every high school student will be looking forward to joining the college and having great expectations of the freedom, joy, liberty to do whatever they want to in college. In short, they think there are no boundaries or restrictions for them to stop doing anything fun. But according to my experience, I have always regretted watching all the movies and series which gave me a false impression regarding my college life... Let us consider a few instances that every student might have imagined when they were in their school days and the reality they are facing right now:

1. Expectation: The idea of having our own gang and us being the center of focus in our college where every junior will be knowing our name and so on.

Reality: First of all, the sad truth is there is nothing like having a gang. It's just that when someone wants something they'll create a gang and once their purpose is fulfilled the "gang" just dissolves.

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2. Expectation: Attending the parties, enjoying myself with my friends, pulling off an all-nighter with them, roaming with my friends. 

Reality: First of all, by the time you plan for a party, you'll have loads of assignments piling up which refrains you to go to any parties. Secondly, your fatigue will make you lazy to even attend one. Also, All-nighters with friends are just a dream.

These Hilarious Illustrations Capture The Expectation vs Reality Of College  Life


3. Expectation: Wearing some cool outfits and impressing some of my classmates and going to college on our own bike or scooter.

Reality: After doing assignments all night, in the morning you will be too tired and will just wear some casuals and go to college. Also, no one cares what you will be wearing as everyone will be in their own world:) About going in our vehicle, parents might be against the idea because their children might roam around with some friends of bad influence and waste time.

These Hilarious Illustrations Capture The Expectation vs Reality Of College  Life | Expectation vs reality, Expectation reality, Hilarious


All the mentioned scenarios might not be applicable to all but most of them might have experienced this. They might have seen themselves as "Alia Bhatt and Siddharth" from the movie  Student of the Year. However, they might have realized that college life is completely far from the way they imagined it to be.