"A successful event that  I planned"

"A successful event that I planned"

After many days of online classes due to covid , there finally came a day where our offline classes were presumed.It was nice to see my friends after a long time.I felt like I haven't met them for years.Initially it was very difficult  for me to adjust to the transition from online to offline classes.But as days passed by I was able to adapt to the old fashion way of going to college.After one month , we had our internals as usual.This internal stressed me and my friends a bit as it was the first offline internals we had given after  our college had started.Hence , we badly required a stress buster.The onus was put on me to plan the outing after we finished our internals.


I  came up with a plan of watching the "Eternals" movie followed by a good dinner.Then finally it was the last day of our internals.Me and my friends were super excited for this.We reached the orion mall (where I had planned to watch the movie) via metro from our college.It just took 15 mins  for us to reach there.Thankfully the content of the movie turned out to be very good as expected.We enjoyed a lot while talking about the movie during the interval.We then had a wonderful dinner at "Burger King".At the end, as they  say all good things come to an end , all of us returned back to our homes.This day was very memorable , we couldn't have asked for more.Though it was a very short event , it turned out to be a very sweet , memorable event.I am sure me and my friends would cherish these moments forever!!😄😊