The Power Of Words

The Power Of Words

"WORDS" They are Powerful, they can either build up or tear down, they can either bring happiness or misery. Words on a whole not only help us understand or put on our thoughts, but also radiate a certain kind of energy around us. They not only help us change the way we think but also bring clarity to our thoughts. Words are also a way of inspiration, source of motivation, affirmations for our goals etc.


A word has the power to change our lives. For quite a decade, technology has brought words into our lives over ever before, not just words that we hear, write or read. They become what we create and the way we interact with the globe around us.

We all learnt Pluto was a planet but a few years later discovered it's just a ball of ice now. 

Being a planet or not being a planet makes a significant difference, even as the words “peace” or “war” have majorly different meanings behind them. Words have a robust and undeniably overwhelming influence on us – permanently and, at times, for bad. Words, my friends, change everything! Words have a dramatic effect on what we all know, how we interact with people and therefore the decisions we ultimately make. Words can influence us, inspire us or simply as easily bring us to tears.They change our relationships, our entire system of beliefs.


The power of words over our biology can span great distances, our system is perturbed by words not only across distances, but also across the centuries. These effects won't last long, but research shows that we all can tweak one another’s nervous systems quickly with mere words in very physical ways which transcend what you would possibly suspect. Other people’s words have an immediate effect on our brain activity and our bodily systems, and our words have that very same effect on people.


Words even have a great impact within the social media context. If an organization truly manages social correctly and mines the info for trends via social intelligence analysis, what they'd find are great differences in their customer mindset, purchase strategy, message associations and ultimately needs. This learning can translate into applied strategies in Customer Service, TV, Print, Outdoor, Event and Digital Media channels to further connect with customers in a very way and in words the customer wants and expects from the business, rather than what the business thinks the customer wants.


So, to conclude words have changed our lives be it in terms of our way of thinking, bringing clarity in thoughts, increasing the range of possibilities etc. They (affirmations majorly) have helped us stay still and get going with tough situations.