College Life. Expectation VS Reality

College Life. Expectation VS Reality


As previously said, the start of college life is fraught with high hopes and anticipations. Not to mention the various efforts we all made to gain admission to our desired institutions[1] . After getting in the myths were shattered.  For starters, thanks to all the things that they watch on television and internet students develop very high and ideal hopes about life in college. Parties, bunking classes, freedom, and chance of enjoying your life to the fullest. But sadly, it’s just true for the first few days of college. Its true that the college life will be pleasant but its not a walk in the park. Now I’m going to shatter the expectations set on college life. Not to discourage you, but better to go prepared than have the reality hit you unexpected.


Expectation: With freshly discovered independence comes the obvious need to explore every nook and cranny of the city, from iconic landmarks to visiting the nicest cafés with your pals. Every day appears to be a joyful day, since who cares about classes, when college means I'll be a free bird.   Even lecturers in college aren't as annoying as teachers in high school.

Reality: It’s true that the lecturers in college are not as strict as the ones in high school. But unlike school, the lecturers don’t run behind you, instead you run behind them. The main reason would be attendance. Because without 85% attendance you are not allowed to write the exam. Sure, you can explore, but it won’t be your everyday scenario.


No Homework

Expectation: One of the most significant advantages of attending college would be the lack of homework. After spending so many hours in lectures throughout the day, who wants to spend the rest of the day on college work?

Reality: Even though there is no homework, you’ll be studying for hours, way more than that you used to spend studying in school. You might even be staying up till 3 in the night for an essay whose deadline is 9 in the morning.


College may not be as much fun as you imagine, but you will have enough of it on your own. There will be challenging moments, but they will prepare you for the future. It may be challenging at first, but as you settle in, things will become easier, and you'll be able to overcome many of the challenges. True, college is the finest period of your life; so, appreciate it and view these challenges as excellent life lessons.