If I were a God, I would have clicked on the reset button, and I would not have let humanity go wrong this time around, being god is a power and a  huge responsibility, I can use these powers in any way, But I can’t be selfish. If I have the power to do some good to the world, I shouldn’t use that power for myself, but help as many people as I can. Can I handle this responsibility? All 770 crores people ask 100’s of things to God every day. And can I fulfill all of theirs wishes? If it was possible, I would definitely do it. But here are 3 things I want to do if I was god for a day. One for the people, one for my mother earth, and one for myself.

•      Provide food for the whole world

Billions of people sleep hungry every night. Why? Don’t we have enough food in the world? No. Facts say there is sufficient food for everyone on earth every day. If I was god, I would make sure everyone in the world gets at least 2 times food to eat. Without food, one can’t survive. And food gives the energy to work. 

•      Get rid of all the pollution

We, humans, have destroyed nature. Nature is changing and the main reason for this is pollution. If I was god, I would make sure to get rid of the air, water, noise pollution. I want nature to be back just like how it was a decade ago so that we can breathe the fresh air, see the greenery and save water for more and more years.

•      For myself

I may be the God for a day, but the next day I'm just a normal person. So I would give myself enough wisdom. I would make myself wiser than any other person on this planet. That is because, if I get myself gold, money, and assets, they would end someday. But wisdom will never get over. If I am the wisest person in this world, I can create new things and I can think that no one else can think of. I can gain as much wealth as I want with this gift. It would be a constant source of income for my entire life.

Being happy with whatever you have as being a god is not that easy as is assumed by us, whatever happens in this world we blame him as responsible and nobody would be ready to sacrifice and help the world in every situation as God does to us which we may not be aware of, so he has his own boundaries and limitations, hence do not judge on the outer look, when you go closer you will understand its real circumstance.