Adventure that took an unexpected turn

Adventure that took an unexpected turn

I woke up that morning in an excited state, and as soon as I leaped out of my bed, I quickly finished all my mundane chores. I had to go on this trip along with my brother, as we planned. As they say " People don't take trips, trips take people" I set out for the daring adventure of reaching the highest altitude with the greatest attitude. Great People often make journeys seem easy and small, I had my brother to look after me throughout this expedition.  Both of us got on the bike in high spirits, and we set off on an exciting expedition. The hot sun rays scattered by the cool breeze were showering on our faces, as we saw the green signboard, 'Welcome to Tarikere'. All these years, I had only heard the name of that place, though it lay In close proximity to my native place Shimoga also known as "DOOR OF MALENADU '', and this was my chance to explore it. Our tummies were grumbling with hunger and we rushed to have a quick breakfast at a local hotel and had our breakfast. During the journey we dropped by near an unknown coffee estate and encroached the place, there I was enchanted by the sight of a tree-house, which I found myself climbing to, while lost in a daze because it had always been just a fantastic dream, and now it was turning into reality. After clicking a few more pictures there, we climbed down and settled on the green lawn, with a few sprinklers showering tiny droplets of water on us, which felt as soothing as the summer showers.


The next part of our journey was rather tough, as our bikes moved jerkily over forest paths covered with ditches and bumps as I was sitting on the back seat of the motor bike holding my brother tightly who was riding the bike in the perennial fear that the tyres may get flat any moment, and under those circumstances, mantras and chantings came unbidden to us. It felt almost like a jungle safari and our hearts were in our mouths. We heaved a sigh of relief finally when we reached Kemmangundi and it was already growing dark.



As we started to rise above the hill my brother felt exhausted hence I became the rider while he sat on the back seat of the motor bike. During the elevation we encountered a wild Bison(buffalo) in the middle of the narrow passage. We never saw such a huge bison in our lifetime it was nearly 6 feet tall and looked like a giant truck standing against us. We trembled in fear. Other travelers took the U-turn as soon as they saw the animal but we were the ones who were in close proximity to it. I tried to turn the bike but in the middle of the havoc we slipped on the road and we both fell off from our bike fortunately we didn't get hurt but still there was an animal standing in front of us ready to make some damage, my brother started running in fear to save his life while I was amazed by looking at it's elegance and unfathomable scale size. My feet trembled in fear, I chanted the names of all the gods and goddesses that can save my life in that moment. May be because of the fear or by the grace of the god that Bison went down the hill making path for us without harming anyone, we felt relieved at last but still Our faces looked weary, exhausted due to that incident but after reaching the top of the mountain and when gusty winds started blowing from the neighbouring mountains we experienced the true happiness of being in heaven , we just rolled out a mat and sat down to breathe in the fresh and pure air.


It was coal-black night by the time we started walking back and I saw the mountains silhouetted against the sky and stars scattered over the darkness, just like a handful of  diamonds had been strewn all over velvety black cloth. The scene looked deceivingly similar to a beautiful landscape painting. All the adventures of entering an unknown coffee estate, dangerous bike ride and confronting with a deadly animal really made that day more memorable, mysterious and indecisive. I started humming the music of soulful Sonum Nigam " Har Pal Yahan Jee Bhar Jiyo, Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Na Ho" and relaxed on our return journey, happy and contented in the realization, that we were taking with us an unforgettable experience, safely trapped in our fists.





Amazing blog Ananth !! I could literally feel the journey as you described.


Amazing write-up!