Annoying Advertisements

Annoying Advertisements

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘advertising’? Those annoying pop-ups when you're browsing the internet, or the commercials that appear when you're watching your favorite movie or series? Well, when most people hear the word ‘advertising’, they have the same thoughts as mentioned above. But hold on!! Is advertising really so underappreciated? Not really!! Advertising is vital for an organization since it serves as both a promotional and marketing activity. But the level of advertising these days is insane. Organizations are designing advertisements that no one could have imagined, like the Imperial Blue Music CD commercials, 5 Star, or maybe Dream11 for that matter. Although ads are necessary for an organization to increase sales by reaching the target population through various channels of advertisement, there must be a limit to it. You might have been irritated when you saw those adverts while you were working on something important or watching your favorite show. Nowadays, it is difficult to discover people who do not use the internet. As a result, an organization's advertising team has made it certain that the majority of its advertising will be done through this channel.

Ever since advertising came into existence, especially online advertising, many people have devised methods and gimmicks to fool viewers into clicking their ads and content. This urge and desire to obtain more and more website visitors, followers, and earn more money on the internet swiftly changed commercials into something disruptive. Advertisements that play music unexpectedly, annoying pop-ups, or those ads which do not have an exit button at all. All of these factors contribute to users' dissatisfaction with online advertising. To make problems worse, advertising is relentless and repetitive. In the end, you have something comparable to a person who is always trying to persuade you to do something you don't want to do, who appears when you least expect it and doesn't go away even when you show no interest.

According to a study conducted by Edelman in 2019, three out of every four consumers disregard advertisements. In fact, 47% have modified their media habits to see fewer commercials, while others use ad blockers to avoid them entirely. One more study in the same year by RevJet said that 100% of the consumers skipped the ads whenever possible.

We know the primary reason behind advertising but there are some disadvantages also if we try to advertise something relentlessly. It might create a negative association with the product that is being advertised or the whole company itself for that matter. Personally, I hated an advertisement by Vodafone Idea when it was first aired last year. It is certain that there we can find a lot of such examples where ads did not fail to annoy us. So, anytime you create an advertisement for your product in the future, make sure to exclude elements that irritate the target audience and make sure they won't create a sense of irritation from the perspective of the audience.